Consulting has become one of the most important field for companies. A lot of companies hire consultants in order to get advice on different topics to make the right decisions that lead to customer satisfaction. IT- Consultants are experts in the IT-consulting sector. They assist and advice a third party to find solutions to IT-technology problems. In order to give the best solutions for IT-Problems, IT consulting- businesses need the right software to satisfy customer’s needs and offer the best customer service.

What an IT consulting-company needs, is the latest technology software. Usually, a consultant business needs more than just one software to increase their efficiency and create new business processes. To be successful and compete with other IT- consulting firms the software has to offer the best quality. However, there is software, that combines different IT-tasks, but we will come back to that later.

So, what should an IT-consultant software include?

The following categories should be recognized, when consultant companies buy business consulting software:

First of all, it is important that software has the right amount of adaptability. Since consulting firms have to change with the demand software has to change too. That is, why consulting software should be as flexible as their users.

Second, IT software has to be individual: Consulting software should give the users the possibility to customize their projects.

The third very important part of an IT-consulting software should offer scalable services, in the sense of adapting fast. Sometimes, IT-Consultants have to change contracts and that is where software has to be compatible with the consultant’s needs.

Last but not least, the IT consulting software should consider a broad spectre of customer care. Nowadays, consultant companies should offer a 24/7 service. That means customers could for example call at any time and on any day of the month. And there are several IT consulting softwares that are offering this exact service.

Before showing a list of IT software applications, it is important to know what categories are offered.

So, what software-applications can you find?

Consulting companies can pick from a wide range of consulting applications. For example WindsRMM, WRIKE, ACCELO and METATASK.

The first application is Solar Winds RMM. Solar Winds is a management platform and offers patch, backup management and fast remote control. To put it in other words, the software automates processes, provides IT security and ensures that customers keep all the IT assets on one dashboard. Moreover, the software gives real-time monitoring, drag and drop automation, creates workstations, ensures web protection and asset tracking. Consulting can be so easy with the right software!

The second IT-software is WRIKE. Professional Service Teams use this software to create new content for new integration. Several members can connect through the software and are always on the “status quo”. Furthermore, WRIKE offers timeline creation, where you can see the project schedule while using drag and drop. Another useful aspect is the plan and allocating function: Projects can be prioritized in order to avoid stress and overload. Last, time and budget can be tracked in the software.

Accelo is another IT-service for consulting. There you can find all service operations in one software and it is built for professional service businesses. The IT consulting software offers different tasks, for example sales, projects, service and retainers. With the sales function, you can see the sales with clients. The project function is very necessary, when plans change or more customers get involved. With the software, it is easy to handle different projects. The retainers function recreates contracts and puts an automation track on ongoing services.

Last, Metatask is a great software when it comes to complex workflow tasks. It is useful to implement the same task on a regular basis. The first thing the software offers is to define any process in a list of tasks. Secondly, the softwarae reduces unnecessary information, like E-Mails or paperwork. Third, the IT-software knows who is working on which task and reviews all data on one place.

To summarize, using IT-consulting software is very important to grow the customer base and improve working tasks. Especially nowadays, offering IT-consulting without a specialized software is almost impossible. However, there are a lot of different and impressive software-applications which simplify IT-consulting decisions!

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