IT maintenance is an essential part of every company, to ensure a convenient and safe computer or server. Hence, you will be able to secure a risk-free computer or network where you will be able to operate effectively.

What do we offer?

We are offering several ways to maintain your IT structure. Did you ever found yourself struggling with topics like archiving old files, deleting duplicate files, System updates, System patches, Anti-virus implementation, checks and maintenance of downloaded software packages, Hardware and other equipment checks or any other company-specific disk cleanup tasks? Don’t worry. We are here to help you solve these problems.

Archiving old files

Why should we even do it on a regular basis?

It reduces file size, which reduces processing time and thus grants you a faster computer. It also reduces the time requirements when you are performing upgrades or installing new software updates. When archiving old files, always bear in mind that before doing so you should back up your data folders and make sure that your login has the necessary permissions.

Deleting duplicate files

Most computer hard drives have duplicated files on them and most of the time you cannot even realize it. You may copy photos, music or movies to different locations and this may result in duplicated files being created in two or more locations. Downloading files from the web or moving photos will also often lead to file duplication. It especially may occur a problem with large media files, such as movies: having just one duplicate already takes a lot of space. This can lead to a hard drive getting full very quickly.

System updates and System patches

System patching, System updates, and IT maintenance are necessary for all businesses. Installing and performing the necessary updates and patches will keep your network running optimally. However, it is not always so easy to know which patches and updates are beneficial. Sometimes, these procedures can even negatively impact performance. It can consume a lot of time figuring this out by yourself. That’s why we are offering IT maintenance services to save time and make the best out of your business.

Anti-virus implementation

Especially for companies, a Virus can be a big problem and thus slow down the complete network. It may even harm a lot of necessary data, which is vital for your business. However, this issue can be solved through the implementation of Anti-virus software and continuous patches. Through installing this Anti-virus Software, we can provide the necessary data protection.

Checks and maintenance of downloaded software packages

Routine maintenance for a computer is as important as all the above-mentioned steps. It involves continuously improving the speed of the computer, secures the necessary data and makes the PC more secure overall. Doing routine maintenance can fix these issues and help your computer live longer.

Hardware and other equipment checks

Hardware and other equipment must continuously be maintained. Maintenance routines will vary depending on the type and complexity of the technology. That’s why we are offering unique and individual IT maintenance services, to secure a fast and safe computer. Ongoing monitoring is a vital part of this maintenance and the key success factor.

Company-specific disk cleanup tasks

All of the services above are also offered for company-specific issues, such as for example individual disk cleanup tasks. Through the implementation of a monitoring system, we are always able to ensure the right solution to a specific issue. Furthermore, we are always archiving your data and guaranteeing that you will never be able to lose your necessary data.

To sum up, continuous IT maintenance is a key success factor for every business or every person, to ensure a secure and fast computer. We are here to help you solving these problems and offering individual solutions, to company-specific issues.

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