Your company should operate on the latest state of technology?
You want your equipment to work properly and not to break down?
However, when this is the case you want equipment to be repaired for little money and little time?

Then our company offers the right service for your desire! We offer IT maintenance support and to be more precise: Our company ensures that your equipment and machinery has lower break downs, gets repaired quicker and for little costs. And these are just one of the reasons, why IT maintenance has become such a big sector!

How is that possible?

First, digitalisation is a core-factor when it comes to IT-maintenance. A lot of companies have already put a lot of attention to optimising the maintenance and the process of maintenance in their businesses. There are many reasons for this, for example greater competition, the need to lower the costs and hardware that is easy to use. Moreover, machinery gets more complex and without an experienced engineer, maintenance is not possible anymore. As a result, companies are looking for easy maintenance of their machinery.

There are several software programs for maintenance of machinery. The biggest advantages are the mobile maintenance for logistics and the second part is mobile maintenance for machinery and equipment.

With the software maintenance application technicians get information about the machinery, for example documents, warnings, information, which are saved in SAP, ERP or CRM. With tablet or smartphone it is possible to scan photos and barcodes of machinery. All the information is added to the maintenance software. Moreover, there is the possibility to create service reports and checklists. As a result, it is way easier and quicker to maintain a high level of standard for machinery and equipment.

Also, when it comes to logistics management the right software helps to optimise processes. The maintenance software supports technician in the area of oder placements and process transactions. Mobile maintenance helps streamline various kinds of processes. A lot of business are already using so-called „CAFM-solutions“. A software, which is optimising repair, inspection and supports the following measures:

  • Planning, implementation, documentation and offsetting of maintenance measures
  • receiving fault reports as well as analysing, diagnosing and remedying faults and errors
  • Date and cost control
  • Date and cost alerts

Mobile maintenance software support technicians to assure maintenance of machinery, as well as guaranteeing after sale service for the customer.

Machinery breakdowns create high costs and therefore, preventive maintenance and service are fundamental. Automatic capture and comparison allows predictive maintenance too. The rise of IT-technology service and maintenance support have made it also easier to calculate costs and generate cross and up-selling.

Mobile access to customer information, and logistics reduce the amount of calls and physical meetings. This results in a higher productivity and order processing. Through IT maintenance support, customer satisfaction rises due to service quality, customer service and adherence to delivery dates. The mobile software also allows updating the latest information to backend-systems which leads to optimisation of service processes. Using EPR-systems to transfer data, the chances for errors are minimised. Consequentially, this leads to lower costs for the company. With the help of our company and the optimal digital software, costs for maintenance can even be lowered more.

Our software supports your business team tracking all relevant projects:

  • System status in real time
  • Support for creating certificates
  • Knowledge management
  • information about machinery and equipment
  • Spare part management
  • manufacturing and maintenance quality

Introducing Maintenance 4.0. support not only in the points, mentioned above but there are also different services which lead to more efficiency in the workplace.

There are different maintenance support softwares that our company offers:

First, our software products are perfect for industrial-businesses, which have great variety of machinery and technical equipment. The software is great for businesses that conduct maintenance work by company employees. We ensures paperless planning, recording and evaluation of relevant data and upload these to a system where other employees can have access from any device and any place.

Second, our company offers maintenance support software for small or medium size enterprises, which do not have intern maintenance service. Users and employees can share information about machinery, where other employees have insight to real time information.

If you are interested in our maintenance support software, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are always happy to help!

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