Nowadays the word „IT“ is on everyone’s lips since it becomes more and more essential in all kinds of businesses. As everyone knows, technology moves fast and so must companies. It is often a hard challenge for businesses to keep up with the continuous development and being exposed to the constant pressure of not losing competitiveness. Reacting quickly to the change in technology or the newest needs of customers is more in demand today than ever before. Whether you are an SME or a big company, you need an IT department that is well-performing and prepared for the constant changing environmental influences. Otherwise, you find yourself in a position where other organizations are more competitive than you. To compare yourself with other businesses in your industry, you can hire us to examine your businesses‘ capability and guide you to the desired maturity.

What does „maturity assessment“ mean?

In easy words, it is a way to find out how well you perform comparing to other companies in the industry and in what sense your activities contribute to the execution of the company’s strategy. Stanford’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, for example, has developed a score table to give you a benchmark where your company currently stands. It covers the most important skills a company has to offer, such as people, processes, technology, and measurement. Each skill is defined in a one-to-five-scale indicating the more mature a skill is, the higher is the score. The state of IT maturity grows from „performed“ to „optimized“ activities. Please have a look at the table below for a better understanding. Periodic reassessments show the process you made at one point and can give you the missing motivation to achieve certain goals. To step up your game and improve maturity, it often needs external auditors who acknowledge your excellent work with certain certifications.

What is „IT maturity assessment“ and what do we offer?

IT maturity assessment is nothing else than a benchmark model that is mentioned above. The only difference is that the model is adapted to IT-related issues. In other words, your business can make use of the IT maturity to assess its IT landscape – no matter if you take it concerning people, processes, technology, or anything else. The maturity levels we use are defined in a scale. It is similar to the scale above, but it begins with „initial“ and ends with „optimized“ activities. By using our IT maturity model you are given precise information about your as-is state and how you get to the to-be state, based on your company’s strategy and mission. The IT maturity assessment or a maturity model, in general, is also very helpful to identify what separates the current from the future state. If you are going to decide on our assessment, you will be given a plan for improvement. If you then stick to the plan you will certainly create an improved landscape, whether over the short or long term. Moreover, an IT maturity assessment also provides you with a SWOT-analyses (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) of your business. This is a huge advantage since it gives you the chance to make wise strategic decisions like selecting the best supplier for your needs.

Use our IT maturity assessment to improve your overall performance and your efficiency!

Who are we?

We are a young and dynamic team of IT professionals, based in Vienna, Austria. The company was founded in 1998 and we can proudly say that we were one of the first who offered such an IT maturity assessment in the Austrian market. Due to our large expertise in the IT sector, we could manage to help many of our customers improving their performance and did very successful in the past. In general, we focus on a good customer relationship and always try to improve our benchmark model to the next level. These are probably the main reasons for our outstanding customer reviews and the high retention rate!

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