Back in time, companies used to have a meeting once a year and discuss the general orders of business. Nowadays even the bravest dreamer could not possibly imagine keeping up with the fast-paced business environment, if a firm is not able to point out their short-term objectives. The organizations goals & values should provide a clear instruction to all the departments in such manner, so that action could be taken in compliance with them upon receiving the memo.

The importance of having Information Technology Performance Management has seen a constant growth in the past years, until it reached a point, where it can no longer be ignored, if a firm wishes to operate in the digital world and be able to base its decisions on objective data and monitor their ongoing results. Therefore, it is crucial to understand what such IT performance management stands for.
It represents in first place the supervision of the structure of the IT implemented in the firm, ensure that key performance indicators (KPIs) and budgets lead to the accomplishing with the organization’s goals.
The term also includes a reference to software tools, which allow IT operations to monitor and control infrastructure stacks and in addition – gather and analyze performance metrics over any given period of time. The gathered data is also used to forecast future demand.
IT performance management is, therefore, not to be understood as a once in a while activity, but rather taken as a continuous endeavor. New trends of performance management emerge every year. The chain of troubles begins with the human resource department’s implementation of new concepts, which they have not fully grasped. The employee’s frustration follows when they find themselves confused and then run out of motivation. Managers are left to deal with all the consequences of low team involvement and eventually end up being blamed on, because results don’t live up to the expectations.
Individual workers need to be encouraged to work on achieving their objectives and follow through their personal development plans. This incentive is supposed to make employees align their own interests with the firms ones and eventually increase their individual performance. Managers, on the other hand, must give feedback on a regular basis, which could be used in effective manner – if criticism, then it has to be constructive. But before they are able to do so, they have to be taught how.


All these factors come to play behind the implementation of IT performance management.

The scenario where a firm does not take time to discuss their performance and goals on time, risks implementing unclear directives and may end up having their expected goals not met by the actual performance of the firm.
IT performance management can be defined as a field of setting goals, carefully monitoring them as they go through, analysing their ongoing metrics and improving the performance of the embedded IT infrastructure in the firm.
The key benefits of an IT management concept are that a focus on the rather strategic-financial goals is appliad so that the key performance indicators (KPI) are being transformed to a condition where they can be measured. IT Performance management requires an active and effective management to meet its business objectives and therefore its crucial to have at least one business meeting every quarter year, where orders of business are set and goals are adapted to the ongoing business environment. The so-called performance measurement frameworks need to be balanced accordingly and be comprehensive enough so that they can be implemented.

Metrics are used to „govern“ and base future decisions on.

Workers in the IT sector have simpler tools at their disposal, which provide them with raw data. The IT performance tools then make a whole analysis of the data and discover bugs, which may result into a failure or distort the results.
Concerning the advanced predictive tools – they find their use in in identifying where problems might occur. This supplies IT department with required information to prevent future problems and they are able to resolve them, even before they pop-up. It performance management helps a company understand the crucial impact of technology on services and products, identify patterns and anticipate those as early as possible.

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