IT Project Management is one of the fast-growing fields. IT follows a project given by an external or internal firm thought its whole process, from concept to end result. An example for project management would be: an outside firm like HM needs a new application, they decide to go with a company and give them the contract. The project managers job is to communicate with the customer and the compny’s IT team. They listen to what the customer wants and needs and makes sure the IT team is implementing it as good as possible. Project Managers do not need to study IT to be able to do this job, but it helps. They usually work in an agile environment, which strives for fast results and a continuous improvement. IT Project Managers face various challenges, as many companies have team spread throughout the whole world, leading to difficult communication. They need to be flexible and available to talk to various team members, who might be living in other time zones. They also need to motivate their teams to finish the project before the deadline set.

Customers usually have set expectations which need to be met or slowly be changed. If customers are not happy with the service, they can take their account somewhere else, as IT is a very competitive business.
Other tasks which fall under project managers are contract management with the customer. But also, various IT related tasks. They need to be very knowledgeable in IT and be able to explain to the customer at all times what is happening. Being IT literate also helps with the team they are leading, as there will always be programmers saying some things cannot be done, and if the project manager knows that these things are indeed possible, they can come with counter arguments to support themselves.

In an agile environment there is a set what meetings are to be held to boost productivity. This includes having daily sprints, which are short meetings to check on the status of each team member, making sure the project is running smoothly. The project manager is usually hosting these meetings and documenting what is happening.
IT Project management is a job that is very sought after, but also crisis proof. As the current pandemic has assassinated many current jobs, digital environment jobs have been on the rise. Project management can be done full remote. You may be asking yourself why a programmer does not that the job of a project manager, as he knows the technical terms and how everything works and would be more suited for the job. As already stated, project management is not just based on IT skills but also on emotional intelligence for example talking to team members or figuring out where the problems in communication are, another important factor is being in touch with the client and being professional with them and level headed when discussions get heated, another important skill is leading the team, which can be comprised of people with different backgrounds and from different countries where things are interpreted differently; for example in Italy it might be okay for your boss to yell at you , but in Japan that would be devastating to the worker.

All these things need to be considered and be kept in mind when being a project manager.

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