We, The IT_Company Iphos, a well-established global Player in the IT-Sector and highly specialized in Could Computing and Network Optimization have launched a new Service. After Years of research & development, we found a new concept that will increase the efficiency of your Business Network dramatically and will at the same time lower your costs by half. Not only the fix costs of servers but also the variable costs of electricity and personal. Our Business Solution is adjustable for your needs. This service is not only useful for huge Corporations, this can also change your workflow as a Sole trader.
The IT_Company Iphos offers you a new way to be more cost efficient and time saving, buy using your resources the right way.

We offer horizontal scaling, by adding more machines to your Server structure to create a single powerful Network. On the other hand, we offer also vertical scaling which allows you to organize the spread of power through CPU, RAM and Storage. This new Services gives you also the possibility to decide where your Eco-System is place. We offer customized in-house solution or Cloud Solution by using our professional Managed Server system. The Scalability changes your ability by increase or decrease in performance and cost to changes in application and processing demand.

Why IT_Company Iphos, 5 main advantages of your new Network?

  1. we offer you highly customizable business infrastructure solution
  2. Cost efficiency by increasing or decreasing the Networks Power according to the actual requests on the server
  3. Flexibility, by adapting your Network to new Customer’s needs
  4. Save and Secured Expandable Storage
  5. Time Efficiency

  1. We offer you a highly customizable business Infrastructure Solution for you as a Corporation or Sole trader.
  2. Cost efficiency by increasing or decreasing the Networks Power according to the actual request on the applications and Servers.
  3. Flexibility: Due to your customized business solution, we change and adapted the fast-changing needs in the IT World and especially needed in your Business in no time.
  4. Save and Secured Expandable Storage: We built your personal Eco-System and even offer you the possibility to expand your own Storage or use our Cloud Storage whenever is needed. This makes you even more flexible when you need extra storage for short term.
  5. Time Efficiency: Managing your own Network to get the most out of it can be stressful and probably costs you too much time to get the most out of it. So rather choose us as your Experts who are 24/7 with our Customer Support available for you. Our Research and Development Team is always on the run for new solutions and will bring them to you before your competitor has them.

Make the most out of your soft- and hardware to get the best performance out of your Server so far and keep your Performance high when additional data gets processed. Our new technology is capable for huge data request but also handles a minimum number of requests with the lowest costs.
Website, Apps and digital services need to be fast. There is nothing worse than losing a Visitor and Potential Customer due to a slow loading Process. Therefore, we created a new business solution for your Services. Get rid of slow and unused resources and be more efficient. This new Service of Up and Down Scaling is the best you have seen so far on the European market.
Upscaling your infrastructure dues not only mean, processing more data. It makes your whole Network and Eco-System a safe place for fragile data. With the new extra power, Networks can find and analyse potential problems and scams even faster.

Not only the System is highly Customizable also the terms of price and payment condition are flexible. We offer an annual package or a monthly paid subscription fee.

You want to know more about this new Service?

We are always available for request and even offer an Online course where you can take part for free and get in touch with us.
Investment in the newest technology saves you not only time but can give you a significant advantage against your competitor and leads you to the top. If you keep upgrading to the newest technology, your personal cost will decrease from time to time because most of human labour can be replaced by our system when it comes to Server Optimization.

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Contact us if you are interested in our solutions. One of our employees will evaluate your ideas and provide first consulting. After that, we will send you an offer that is optimized for your specific needs.

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