Why your company needs a service desk

In times of ever-increasing relevance of service management, a service desk is often times the deciding factor for the company’s success. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your company’s service management, customer orientation with a satisfactory service desk is crucial. Many management teams decide to outsource their help desk for various reasons.

What is a service desk exactly?

Great service management goes hand in hand with a customer orientated help desk. Depending on the industry a service desk is crucial. Some examples for industries where a service desk is important – Digital distribution, E-books, Software Streaming, media, Retail services, banking, grocery marketplace services. In all these areas, costumers are often have questions that should be able to be asked to a service desk.

Mediocre vs Great a service desk

Unfortunately, some of our customers have reported bad experiences when implementing a service desk before finding our service. The reason being that online self-proclaimed experts often make promises about a service desk that fall through in reality. This article is going to outline the deciding factors when it comes to differentiating between a mediocre and a great service desk including best practices when setting up a service desk. With this, we hope to support your decision when you try to implement a service desk in your company.

First steps – Understand the reason for implementing your service desk

The first step in the process of IT Service management should always be to determine the specific motive for the implementation of the service desk. For many of our customers, knowing the exact use of the help desk seems to be more of a challenge than anticipated beforehand, especially in bigger companies. The reason for this is that the motives for having a service desk can vary quite substantially within a business. Agreeing on what to focus on with your service desk can be a challenging task.

Be specific with your service desk and service management

Once the motives for your service desk are clear the next step is to define goals that align with them. For this, it’s very important to find the proper balance between simplification and completeness. In other words, a good set of assessment goals should be tailored to your vision while not being overly complicated to maximize the utility of your service desk.

Be realistic about your service desk and service management

When starting with a service desk it’s important to start small and avoid unrealistic expectations. We always advise our clients to take claims about a service desk that promise immediate and drastic improvement with a grain of salt. The rate of adaptation when a help desk is implemented greatly varies between businesses (and industries) and thus we strongly advise you to start small with your service desk. A good way to do this is a small (pilot) service desk. Of course, once the challenge of starting is overcome your service desk can be gradually increased and the benefits of the service desk will become more and more visible.

Going the extra mile with your service management and service desk

Once a service desk is implemented the real work just starts. Inevitably, there will be weaknesses in your help desk service that need to be improved incrementally. This goes hand in hand with the awareness that an IT service management should never be viewed as a onetime project but rather as an incremental process. In other words, to get the most out of an IT service management the assessed progress needs to be tracked continuously and goals must be adjusted accordingly.

Summary of service desk

To sum it up, a clear IT service management and a help desk is a powerful tool when comes to providing good service. As with all business tools that may be called „game changers“ also for a service desk expertise, hard work, and perseverance are all essential for proper implementation of a great service desk.

About the company knowledge about a service desk

At Iphos, we have set the industry bar to a new level by providing service for an individualized service desk. All our endeavors build around our costumers‘ needs in order to maximize their satisfaction. With a wide and extensive experience with a service desk, we are able to consult you with a domain-specific service. The following references and use cases that include some of our FORTUNE 500 Business partners may give you a better insight into practical examples for a service desk.

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