Our market-leading IT company that is based in Austria supplies IT support and services to firms all around the country. We offer free initial consultation in order to get to know your firm so we can offer you a deeply customisable support and service contracts that are fully adapted to your particular needs. Our service plan can be individually created in order to cater to your specific company. It’s our vision that IT should not get in the way which is why we offer high contract customisability concerning support and services. Furthermore, this also means reduced costs, because we only supply the IT services that you really need. Because of the fact that you are never bound to our support and service contract in any way, it always possible to make changes as you wish.

First and foremost, our specialised IT support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week because we think that availability is key concerning IT support. We have lots of helpdesk employees that assist you within minutes of a problem occurring. These skilled workers establish a secure connection to your servers in order to assist you as fast as possible. No matter when a problem occurs, we will support you immediately.

Because data protection is such a big topic in IT today we definitely think that your data should be fully protected. Data protection is only effective when communication between service partners is encrypted. Our corporate philosophy states trust as our number one priority concerning IT support and services which is why we created a market-leading technology which encrypts data immediately when we perform updates on your server. This means that not even our support and service technicians have any data insights.

We do not only protect your data but also make sure that your network is fully protected and secure. With our strong protecting and encrypting services we offer we can guarantee that your server won’t become a victim of cyber attacks. However, for the small possibility that something does happen we provide you with the necessary information and support you through the whole process of rendering your data unusable for the attacker.

To be honest, there is nothing worse than network and server outages. Employees have to stop their important work and most of them get very angry too. Because of that, we as a IT support and service company offer strong server and network support. With our market-leading network support we make sure that server outages are a thing of the past. Our 24/7 support has remote but secure access to your server and can therefore tackle not only small but also big server and network problems immediately.

The IT service we are most proud of as a company is our complete backup service for all your company IT data. This means that every time one of our technicians performs a server update or works on your server in general, they will create a complete backup of everything that is saved on your server at that specific point of time. Of course, this backup will be fully encrypted so that your data is completely safe. This regular data saving service is key in order to prevent data loss. If for example a fire breaks out and your server gets destroyed we are able to load all your data on a new server again. Moreover, we save multiple backups and store them in various places so that the chances of them getting destroyed is getting slimmer.

Last but not least, we offer strong email and cloud support that ensures a working cloud infrastructure in your company. Getting started with email and the cloud is no easy task which is why we will assist you with setting up all of these services for you. Once everything is up and running our market-leading support team will be there for you in case any service problems occur.

Due to our customisable support and service plans, highly skilled technicians and 24/7 customer service we work with many prestigious Austrian companies. We have heard overwhelmingly positive responses concerning our IT support and services which gives us the confidence to improve our services even further. Of course, all negative feedback we eventually get will be considered in order to improve our services.

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Contact us if you are interested in our solutions. One of our employees will evaluate your ideas and provide first consulting. After that, we will send you an offer that is optimized for your specific needs.

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