What is IT support?

IT support is the service through which computer support specialists provide technical assistance, remote support and advice to individuals and organizations that depend on information technology. Generally these computer supports are provided by the various companies that provide cyber services, although it should be noted that there are many providers and solutions to obtain this type of help.

Two types of IT support are recognized:

We find the specialists in the computer technical service who offer their help physically. They respond to the users of their organizations and automatically run diagnostic programs to solve problems. In addition, they can write manuals and train in the use of new hardware and software through IT support. These workers also supervise the daily operation of your company’s computer systems, the resolution of technical problems with local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), and other systems.
On the other hand there is the computer IT that is done through a program for remote assistance. In this case, the specialists respond to telephone calls and/or e-mails from customers requiring remote IT support. To answer these questions and provide remote assistance they must run the remote access software and then acquire the remote access can diagnose the nature of the problem. Also, install, modify, clean and repair the software.

How does IT support work?

This task is carried out efficiently by remote assistance with the use of remote desktop solutions. This way is very attractive for many companies, because it allows the reduction of infrastructure costs and so on. The user requests diagnostic and repair technical support from the specialist; and allows remote access to his or her computer. In this way in just seconds will be made the IT support. Besides the fact that the technician can see the problem through the option for screen sharing, there are ways of communication so that the user can explain what is happening. These programs have tools that allow a web conference with audio or video and the most common way would be using a text input via chat. Thus, the user contacts the technician to request IT support. The technician carries out the remote desktop support through the available applications, in this way the user can observe how the diagnosis and repair exercise is carried out.

IT costs

External specialists for controlling and IT will help you with their expertise to include the most accurate values and figures possible in your planning. Ultimately, IT costs – like all other cost items – must always be viewed in a macroeconomic context. However, if a topic is as complex and subject to constant change as IT, you should rely on appropriate IT support.

What IT services do I need to cover?

The lynchpin of this question is the number of employees and the need for workplace environments. This results in costs for hardware, software, cloud services, maintenance contracts, in-house IT specialists or external service providers. For effective costs management it would be recommendable to create a comprehensive business service plan that takes both current expenses and necessary investments for the next two years into account.

Smaller businesses

The main question is: What if small businesses are expanding their IT architecture and IT support? IT support is not an easy task for smaller businesses, because they are more vulnerable to software attacks and thus, the costs can grow very rapidly and result in huge losses for smaller businesses. From four levels, companies can choose the one that best meets their security needs. With signature-based basic protection consisting of a firewall and anti-malware technology, the core version is the perfect entry-level solution. Further security technologies are added at the higher levels. The second level, Select, provides additional protection for mobile devices. In addition, protection for file servers as well as program, device and web controls are added. Recently, new technology has also been added to the Select level. This provides companies with reliable protection against the currently dangerous encryption attacks by Ransomware. So, for smaller businesses it is very important to choose the right IT support and to watch over the costs, which can grow massively.

Summarizing it can be said that IT support is very important for companies and especially for smaller businesses.

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