Who we are?

We are the IT company and we are providing software for ITSM with the newest technology. We have the perfect solution for your Service and customer consulting.

What does ITSM mean?

ITSM is the shorthand symbol of IT service management. You never heard anything about ITSM?ITSM includes every process of your IT department, and how they manage the information systems, which is key for a high customer satisfaction. IT service management supports you in managing and controlling service processes. ITSM is also designed for keeping up the quality and speed of the service. ITSM is not only technology, it includes much more for example people, tools, and processes. To sum up, everything that has been stated so far ITSM stands for all activities around IT systems and services.

The importance of ITSM

ITSM benefits your IT department, and service management with ITSM principles you can easily improve our entire organization in your company. ITSM leads you to work as efficiently as it is possible. With ITSM you can standardize your processes with the help of a system. You can reduce you IT cost when you are building an organization with help from ITSM. Furthermore, with ITSM you can execute excellent analysis of IT problems for reducing repeat incidents. ITSM helps as a competitive advantage over all business competitors who still stick to their traditional methods. All these benefits demonstrate that ITSM helps to remove the manual effort and decrease the number of errors.

What is ITIL?

ITIL stands for IT Infrastructure Library. ITIL is a framework and best practices for building an ITSM solution. All these processes are not specific organized. Instead, ITIL stands for integrating processes, procedures, task, and checklist to the organization´s strategy. Generally, ITTIL is divide into five different stages of the ITSM lifecycle.

  • Service Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Service Transition
  • Service Operation
  • Continual Service Improvement

ITSM with IT company

If you are a member of our IT community you will receive an overview of your IT processes and cost. With our service (Modul IT), which is designed to support processes, you can handle your process much easier than now.
Our new modular ITSM provides you a new style of an IT platform. With the new Modul, you can handle all your tasks of your company. The basis for an optimal service.
Our new Modul IT covers everything of an ITIL-compliant IT Service Management. Furthermore, Modul IT covers all stages of ITIL-compliant IT service management.
Benefits of Modul IT:

  • Easy handling
  • Reduction of costs
  • Improvement in IT services
  • Improvement customer satisfaction
  • Improvement in Communication

Many companies strive to offer their customers the best possible service. To achieve this goal, it is essential for the company that the processes can be handled properly. With our new Modul IT, tasks can be managed. Our IT system includes applications for future tasks and completed tasks. This application forms an overview of the task. This means everyone can comprehend what has been done and what they have to do next. In this way, you can support and relieve your employees concerning the handling of business processes. Modul IT also has the capability to deal with customer management. You can manage all relevant data’s reference to the customer. With only one click you can create and assign contracts.
Modul IT capabilities:

  • Self-service
  • Organisation Management
  • Problem Management
  • Knowledge Management

Our Modul IT which covers all ITIL stages is designed as a cloud-based IT service management. The best thing about Modul IT is, it works straight with every typical ITSM process. Our company is known for the short and painless implementation. The particular reason for this circumstance is that our System got numerous external connections included. Furthermore, our company provides service and updates for Modul IT free of charge.

Access for Modul IT

Our System supports also the work of your service mechanic. Contact us and get access now.
Everything can be done on-site and can be recorded to the system. This actively demonstrated that there is no need for time-consuming post-processing of paper-based service reports. Our online applications can be used on any device.

Contact us

Contact us if you are interested in our solutions. One of our employees will evaluate your ideas and provide first consulting. After that, we will send you an offer that is optimized for your specific needs.

Phone: +43 1 8698400

Email: office@iphos.com

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