One of our most requested services is the support or execution of server maintenance by our network administration specialists. Whether it may be the maintenance of a domain name server which changes your website’s URL to an IP address, a file server, print server, an application server or a web server – we maintain them all, no matter if your network is small or large. But what exactly can our customers expect when they ask us for support regarding their server maintenance and why do you need our specific know how?

First of all and in order to keep your server software running as smoothly as it used to, you need to integrate server maintenance on a regular basis. It’s not uncommon that a network experiences total or partial failure if not maintained regularly.

As one does not strictly need to be an IT-server specialist in order to run one, a lot of people don’t have the expertise it needs to maintain a server and keep its performance on the highest rate possible. Here’s where our company strives to be the best service provider you can ask for. By implementing a server maintenance process into your firm we make sure that your servers are going to be checked on a regular basis – to be more precisely keep your server software up-to-date with the newest and best additions as soon as they are thrown on the market. In this case your company would always have a smoothly running server software with our help in maintaining that high standards.

As server software should be checked regularly, our employees would check your servers regularly in order to verify that there are no viruses and any attacks against your servers would have been blocked. Moreover, our server maintenance process consists of checks regarding any backups which might not be completed or executed. This step changes your servers significantly as your software is going to be up-to-date at any time.

One of the most important things regarding server maintenance are the real-time checks conducted by our specialists exclusively working on our customer’s site. By checking the server software through out the day and because of their expert knowledge it’s possible to detect any issues at an extremely early stage and prevent any viruses from spreading.

Furthermore, as well as checking your server software’s updates, we check its software, too. By checking the space of your hardware and your on- and offline storage and reviewing your software’s log-files in which one can check for any computer hacking attempts, we are making sure that there won’t be any issues in this cases. In most cases we even start our server maintenance process by installing essential security patches on people’s computers working in the network to make sure that any sensitive or non-sensitive data is secure. This step includes updating he relevant anti virus software on any individual computer in the company’s network. It is of course possible to conduct these updates after working hours in order not to disturb anyone during their work.

In addition, checking the server health is also often needed to be conducted during server maintenance so that we can make sure that vital hardware pieces like the memory are not affected by any defects or destruction.

If there is a replacement of a hardware component or software restoration needed, our server administration specialists will of course take care of these issues as well, as it’s an important part of any server maintenance plan. Therefore we include a backup plan and discuss the content of this exact plan with our customers before we start our partnership.

All of these things mentioned above help us generate an optimized server maintenance plan for your company specifically. We discuss your personal requirements and wishes in kick-off meetings in order to guarantee you the best service possible. With reference to your essential needs you get an incomparable, one of a kind server maintenance plan at a reasonable price. It’s essential for us that our customers know exactly what they get and what they need to ask for. We make sure to be as transparent as possible and clarify any issue that might come up.


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