Servers, Databasesystems, ERP-Systems, – and the list goes on and on. The world we live in becomes more and more digitalized. IT-Systems provide a lot of functionality, efficiency and can make your daily work a lot more streamlined and convenient IF set-up correctly.

If it just weren’t for that big if, that every small business owner has probably already encountered when trying to build up a functioning IT-infrastructure. Without devoting a whole department to do it properly there, is mostly little chance your efforts will flourish, but rather your IT environment will cause you sleepless nights.

This is where we step in. Iphos specializes in providing highest quality IT support services catered for small businesses. We will support you in any step required to set-up a perfectly interconnected and configured IT-infrastructure for your small business. Our expertise and IT services will streamline your workflow and get your business to peak efficiency.

Everything that would normally require a whole IT-department will be handeled by our staff at a fraction of the cost you would usually have to pay. How do we do this?

By providing our clients an outsourced IT support and service solution.

Our staff is highly specialized and experienced in dealing with the daily problems small business owners face. We can give profound advice or take matter in our own hands and send over our IT-technicians to help you on site.

In which fields can we help you and what exactly do we offer?

The variety of IT support and services we can provide for our customers is very widespread as already mentioned. So widespread that in fact so far there has not been a single small business owner we had to give a pass because his request was too big of a challenge for us.

Starting with our consulting services:

In case you already have your own inhouse IT technicians and only need expertise regarding expansion plans or business software choice we are just the one for you. Our experts in the fields of business administrations systems and IT-networks know the best solution and hardware combination to streamline your workflow. We can give profound advice on which database system to use for which application, which ERP-System suits your business structure best and can also help you implement our given solutions on site.

Helping implementing solutions on site leads us to one of our next IT support and service offers.

Our well-trained technicians are always happy to help you with any problem. We have subsidiarys in the state of Austria so there should always be someone to count on within no time. Our specialists can support you with implementing new IT-system solutions, maintaining already existing ones or even upgrading your hardware.

We also offer our clients IT-services such as proactive maintenance and remote control.

Frankly, what that means is that we do not only do what is asked of us. For example, we maintain the server environment of a small internet business but also while coming over to check our customers equipment, suggest – if possible of course – better solutions to improve their work efficiency.

The remote-control aspect is about being able to support our customers without having to be present on site. There are several different problems that can be solved by that means and our IT experts are very happy to be at your service.

Apart from offering our clients on site IT-support, online IT-services and consulting about implementing and upgrading new solutions we also give advice on how to make your systems secure and cyber-attack-proof.

Our inhouse cyber-security specialists are one of the best in Austria and a few of which have even been contracted by large organizations at times. They know exactly how to access systems, find loopholes and also and most importantly seal them up. Because today the biggest threats to businesses small and big, is not posed by thieves or robbers but rather by cyber criminals. This is why for this very important aspect of your IT-infrastructure we will provide you with the best service and support we can offer.

With our IT support and service team you can not go wrong and will always be our top priority.

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Contact us if you are interested in our solutions. One of our employees will evaluate your ideas and provide first consulting. After that, we will send you an offer that is optimized for your specific needs.

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