Global IT support

We offer instant response and solution-focused IT services to help your organisation thrive. Whether you’re in Central or Eastern Europe, we have the IT support expertise to support and guide you through the process of setting up and managing a remote support service.

Local IT support

We offer instant local IT support solutions for your organisation. Whether you need to support employees with local language skills or international IT support teams, we have the expertise to help.

Network Automation

We can manage your IT network infrastructure, from resource acquisition to resolution of network issues.

Managed Services

We can help your organisation manage the IT of its employees and IT contractors in a unified, professional and efficient manner.

Professional Services

We offer our clients with unique insight into the design and implementation of next-generation IT solutions. Thus, we can transform your IT support services strategy.

Remote Support Services

We can provide instant, on-the-spot, remote support in Europe. More detailed, we offer professional services in the remote support services area to resolve technical issues, customer requests and providing instant solutions.
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Travel Services

We can arrange to travel on-site to resolve your IT issues, with a pre-specified cost to you.

Support Services

We can provide support services including but not limited to troubleshooting technical issues, resolving customer requests and providing instant solutions. We design and implement next-generation professional solutions for IT services to our clients.

We Can Transform Your IT Support Services


Our solution-focused approach allows us to deliver high quality IT managed services in a single point of contact environment. Our team has extensive experience in managing IT worldwide and can provide immediate access to solutions.

Focus on Performance

Our focused approach to IT management keeps our clients and customers on track with targeted IT solutions.


Our IT service range covers European countries like Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Our team has global experience in managing IT. Our clients are integrated seamlessly into our large network of interactive services centers with a large network of support teams.
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Our service range also covers countries like the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands and more. Our team has local experience.
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Our team of highly skilled IT support professionals can be contacted wherever in the world with immediate access IT solutions for a quick resolution.
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Our IT Support Can Transform Your IT Services

What we did

Our network of professionals provides network support and tech support services to clients across Europe.

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Connected Communities

Our clients are integrated seamlessly into our large network of interactive services centers in Vienna and in Sofia, each with its own network of support teams.
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Coordinated Effort

Our clients are provided with unified effort, delivering one of our desired end results within hours of starting work. We deliver the perfect blend of client service, efficiency and professional service.
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We are your global IT service provider network

The primary service our team delivers is to connect your existing IT to our network of global IT support services.
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Meet The Team – Iphos IT Services

Our engineering teams deliver a unified effort and are available for install, customize, and optimize IT equipment at an industry-leading rate within days instead of weeks or months of starting work. We deliver the perfect blend of client service, efficiency and professional service.
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Iphos Redundancy Services

We provide our support staff travel resources for organisations with comprehensive IT assets. Our team of highly skilled engineers are available for support on an as needed basis through out the life of an IT contract.
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We provide account creation and management for our clients in various IT systems.
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We provide independent quality assessments of our business’s ability to meet industry-leading quality standards for both our equipment and services delivered. As your business partner, we deliver a complete and comprehensive portfolio of global IT support services.
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Contact us

Contact us if you are interested in our solutions. One of our employees will evaluate your ideas and provide first consulting. After that, we will send you an offer that is optimized for your specific needs.

Phone: +43 1 8698400



We are a strong international company – to bring the best IT solutions to you. We provide an outstanding full service in the areas of IT, ITSM, software development and web development for our customers.


As full service provider and sustainable company, we provide top solutions for maintenance, consulting, networks, Exchange, Linux- & Windows servers, and more.

Software development

State-of-the-Art software development from Vienna: we work on your ideal individual solutions in software, mobile apps, interface- and database development.

Web development

We rethought web development: we offer intranets & extranets, websites, e-commerce platforms, online calculators, newsletter systems and provide classical services like SEO, SEM, and more.

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