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How Do You Know If Your Organization’s IT Strategy is Performing Well?

You may have run across an IT organization that seemed not to be operating in complete compliance with all IT best practices. If so, you are not alone. An IT assessment will thoroughly review your organization’s IT capabilities, processes, and offerings to determine if there are any areas in need of extensive improvement. Success with an IT assessment will result in a ROI analysis that will show you how much improvement you can expect to see with a small percentage of your IT expenditures.

What is an IT Risk Assessment?

An IT risk assessment will evaluate your technology environment from all angles and make recommendations on how to improve the overall state of your systems.

How Often Should a Business Get an IT Assessment?

A bi-annual or more frequently requested IT assessment? The answer, realistically, is yes. An IT assessment will evaluate your technology environment for improving the overall state of your systems.

What Is an IT Resource Planning Assessment?

An IT assessment can provide a cost-effective way to monitor and manage your IT expenses. Our cost-effective option is a strategic IT Assessment, which will estimate how much IT resources will be needed in the event of anything from a small electrical problem to a major disaster.

How Much Information Should a Business Add to Its IT Risk Management Program?

Foreclosure prevention and security are now a part of every business technology strategy. A well-executed IT strategy will protect against many types of business failures.

What Are the Benefits of an IT Risk Management Program?

An IT risk management program will ensure that your company maintains control of its critical infrastructure and information technology processes, and that your business continues in the face of unexpected disruptions or risks.

A technology assessment can help you understand how well your existing technology and process fit your business needs and challenges. It can address areas such as:

  • Compliance: How do you know if your IT provider is compliant? Providers that maintain clear policies on protecting information are likely to comply with government and firm requirements for data security and other relevant behavior. Ask our IT assessment specialists.
  • Availability: Availability is a complex issue for any business. A technology risk assessment will evaluate your technology environment from all angles and make recommendations on how to improve the overall state of your systems.
  • Disaster recovery: If you experience a network or data breach, you can always request our Disaster Recovery Services. These services restore data from a business data center or from another disaster recovery facility and make it available to you in case anything goes wrong.
  • Security: Always strengthen the security of your systems and data by enabling good password policies, strong passwords, and other strong measures to protect your account information. In this case, no information is too small to be valuable. That’s why our IT assessment managers are used to track events in your systems, like the enrollment of individuals. Our approach is considered to be very secure. How do you read an enrollment notification? Does it include your password? If so, what is it? If not, how do you know if your password is strong? A good password policy protects your account from potentially malicious users and other intruders. What are the benefits of having an enrollment notification? Enrollment notifications provide you with an immediate and detailed accounting of your enrollment efforts and any changes to the status of your plans. They also provide a snapshot of your current enrollment status by including your username, password, and email address.
    How do you manage your passwords? Are they always secure? If so, are they safe to share a password? If so, how? Are you still on an existing password policy? Is there a good password manager out there? You may wish to consider adding another password to your system. A password manager is software that securely stores your passwords on a user name and password basis. It’s fast, easy to use, and highly recommended by our IT managers.

How Much Information Should a Business Keep to Protect Its Business?

Our ever-changing business environment demands that we all have an idea of what we’re doing properly. A well-executed IT strategy will ensure that our IT assets are properly utilized, and that our end user accounts are protected.

How to Protect Your Business from Foreign Cyberattacks

The costs of a computer malfunction or loss are very real. A properly implemented IT strategy is crucial to any business. An IT assessment can provide a cost-effective way to monitor and manage your IT expenses.
Our IT assessment services will evaluate your organization’s technology environment from all angles and make recommendations on how to improve the overall state of your systems. We can help you make informed decisions about how your IT resources are being utilized.

Ask our IT assessment services managers how they can help you evaluating your IT environment from all angles. They are eager to make good recommendations for your systems.

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