IT Assessment

IT Assessment provides valuable insights into the status of your organization’s IT. The analyses done during the assessment process explore possible weak points, but also strength, and design strategies to move forward from there, optimizing your IT to minimize potential risks and boost efficiency, thus increasing profitability and an overall positive impact on your business.

Our IT Assessment Services

Our IT assessment team consists of highly experienced IT strategists and certified IT technicians. Together they will take a close look into all aspects of your IT systems, but also strategies and plans. During a comprehensive IT assessment, they will extensively examine the following areas, prepare a detailed report, and conduct a consultation on the results.

  • IT infrastructure & systems (server infrastructure, workstations, printers, etc.) regarding age, compatibility, update-status, …
  • Network design, hardware, and software in use
  • Data security management (backup- und disaster recovery strategies)
  • Mobile Device Management (data security, updating, …)
  • IT security (strategies in place, access management, status of security software and hardware, patching and update management, awareness level of employees,
  • Technology management (status and strategies)
  • Assessment of third-party services (risk analysis, cost-benefit analysis)

The assessment report and consultation will always contain tangible advice on how to eliminate or at least mitigate risks found in the assessment process, but also on how to build on the strength. We will highlight opportunities for cost optimization by getting rid of unnecessary redundancies and inefficiencies, streamlining your IT processes.
Depending on your organization’s needs, we also offer IT assessments only focused on one or more of the above-mentioned areas. For example, you might have just invested into a brand-new IT infrastructure, but would like to have an IT security assessment, pinpointing possible risks and security leaks. Or you are unsure of whether the third-party services you have in use could be replaced by in-house solutions and would like us to look into the costs and benefits, but also risks a switch could bring about. Whatever the type of IT assessment you need, our highly trained, experienced team is here to support your business or organization.

Our IT assessment plans help you to identify the current standing of your organization’s IT infrastructure and practices. Get to know your strengths, but most of all your IT’s weak points.

How IT assessment helps with risk management & business continuity

A comprehensive analysis of your IT infrastructure, IT strategies, and IT processes is the best starting point for disaster readiness. To achieve business continuity, you have to know how your IT contributes to the smooth workflows within your business, which state your IT infrastructure is in, and what possible weaknesses might pose risks to your organization. In the course of our all-encompassing IT assessment, out experienced technicians probe into every nook and corner of your IT assets – whether it is server, workstation, or software. They check the level of security awareness and preparedness amongst employees, and have a close look at your IT strategies, with a strong focus on IT security.

Identifying the weak points of your IT, is one of the most important features of our IT assessment. You need to know where your vulnerabilities are, to act and deploy strategies which help you achieve a top level of security and preparedness for all kinds of risks threatening your business’s IT infrastructure.

Our IT assessment team will prepare an extensive report listing all problems they encountered during examining your IT and assessing risks those problems pose. During a post-assessment consultation, they will also suggest strategies and ways to remedy those risks. The goal of our IT assessment process is to provide you with an in-depth insight into the strength and weaknesses of your information technology assets and a clear guideline on how to process from the status-quo to an optimized IT, supporting your business in every possible way.

Comprehensive IT assessment services

25 years of experience in all things ITSM with hundreds of satisfied customers and thousands of successfully effected IT projects are a good reason to partner up with us. Our experienced and highly qualified IT consultants and technicians constantly strive to stay on top of new developments in information technology and newly found security risks for IT infrastructures.

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