IT assessment – it’s time to check on your IT system!

You are a modern, IT-based organization? You have many employees, different departments, offer different services and cooperate with many partners? Your answer to all or at least most of the previous questions is ‚yes’? Well, then you found your perfect partner to live a carefree working life with your IT system.

A successful IT system is indispensable for the success of a modern company. Some characteristics of these IT systems are, that they are extensive but at the same time go into the depth of every department and every step taken in the company. And this is where the need for an IT assessment comes in. With our IT assessments we provide you the possibility to check on your IT system. If there are any weak spots in your IT system, we will uncover them during the IT assessment and provide you the perfect solution to make them disappear. We will also show you the positive parts of your system. Sometimes we will find only a few things that are not working very well, in this case we will solve them together and there won’t be any bigger problems in the future. At the end of the assessment and our collaboration we will give you a script with all the necessary information that has come out in the course of our work. It also contains various suggested solutions and shows different ways for the future. Our IT assessments stand for service specifically tailored to each client.

Over the years we created and improved our own software. This software is constantly developed and improved by us. Once our team of assessors come to your company and get the full access to every department, server and database they can start working. The full access to all the information of your company is unavoidable. For an extensive research our IT assessors have to get a look on every part of your system. No matter how small or unimportant it seems to you. This is the only way how we can provide a good and faultless work.
Because it is important for a company to be aware of its own weaknesses and strengths, we check every corner of your company during an assessment.

An all-encompassing IT assessment includes the following steps:

  1. Get to know each other: It’s important for our assessors to get to know your organization or company. During this part of our common journey we would like to include also some of your employees who will explain us the different parts of the company.
  2. Field phase: It’s time for the software. During this part of the IT assessment we will work on our own. It’s the most important part of the assessment. We will check on every server, cloud, data storage, network infrastructure and security, applications and telephony. In addition, the assessor will also check on the data exchanges with the companies you work with.
    The duration of this phase of the IT assessment depends on the size of the organization
  3. Analysis of the risks: As we analyzed your company in every facet, now our assessor will identify and analyze all the risks which have been uncovered before.
  4. Report: As the last step on our common path our assessors will give you an overview over your organization. Show you all the strengths and weaknesses. In addition, we will show you different ways to improve your IT system and reduce risks.

Why your organization should do an IT assessment:

One of the most important advantages is for sure the experience of our assessors, our unique software and the different point of view you will get during this IT assessment. No matter how organized, well-structured and detailed your organization works. Somewhere might be a small problem you haven’t noticed jet but could cause you bigger problems in the future. The earlier you uncover them the better. Once uncovered you can choose a strategy to fight those problems.

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