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As an IT service provider, we plan, design and operate IT infrastructures that combine your strengths. Whether classic or innovative IT: With extensive knowledge and a dynamically coordinated service portfolio, we pursue one goal: to strengthen you with IT.

The digital transformation offers new opportunities for companies to stand out from the competition and secure their long-term success. The basis for this are forward-looking technologies, structures and processes, as professional and customer-oriented as your services themselves.

Inactive virus protection, uncompleted updates and faulty backups should no longer be your problem. By relying on your company’s IT systems, you can concentrate on your core business.

Our high-performance team’s aim is to satisfy our customers. By doing that, you can be sure of the professionality during the whole process. In this regard, we also want to emphasize the importance of permanent training of our employees.

We see our tasks in detailed consultation, controlling and monitoring of the offered services, as well as maintenance of networks, servers and clients. Moreover, it is our goal to meet your requirements in the information age.

Concerning our devices, we rely on high-quality, flexible and professional equipment that pays for itself over the lifetime and ensures your satisfaction.

We offer solutions for start-ups, small businesses and medium-sized businesses. Reliable and fast.

One of our core competencies lies in the digitalization of your business.

To meet future challenges, you need clarity about your digital maturity and a strategy with vision and plan. Your employees will take you along with them with conscious change management. We design this path individually according to your wishes. Use the data you have at your disposal – structured and bundled so that it can be used profitably.
Find out which cloud services are right for you (multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, private cloud, public cloud)? What migrations are on the horizon? Which programs make productive and smart collaboration easier for your employees?
Do you need a team that accompanies them along this path, safeguards their operations, develops them further and constantly drives digitalization forward? We innovate and operate for you.

With a Digital Workplace, you can adapt your workplace to future challenges. This is a collective term for tools that make it possible to work collaboratively and exchange information and reconcile this with irreplaceable enterprise applications.

Digital Workplace has a positive impact on the agility and innovative power of modern companies. At the same time, it promotes employee engagement and satisfaction by delivering the right information to the right people at the right time. The digital workplace is the set of access infrastructures, applications and device platforms required by information or knowledge workers to perform their work and collaborate.

Why do we need a Digital Workplace?

  • Better availability of information and processes
  • Support of location- and time-independent work
  • Promotion of the company-wide exchange of knowledge
  • Provision of a central platform instead of numerous isolated solutions
  • Simplification of workflows
  • Work processes through digitalization
  • Promotion of commitment and employee satisfaction

The basic principles of the Digital Workplace are integration and collaboration: Data from all software systems used (e.g. ERP, CRM, BI, etc.) are brought together on a central platform. This not only makes information and applications available, but also promotes cross-location collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Different services and components are combined in one user interface and made available to the user mostly web-based. Software programs, machines and data play together with the goal of making information and services available to authorized users in the best possible way. Numerous processes can be automated here.

After all, the accessibility of the Digital Workplace plays an immense role. In order to provide a truly modern working environment, it has to be independent of location and accessible via different end devices. This is the only way to support scenarios such as home office and flexible work over time. The provision of information and processes must always be secure and encrypted.

We help your company to deal with digitalization and to use it in the best possible way. You should not be afraid of it, but recognize and use its advantages immediately. We will train your employees and accompany you on your way.

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