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Consulting and IT? Two important terms that must been understood by every company. Nowadays IT is becoming a main factor in competition among companies. Using the best software for the whole company is crucial for surviving on the market. Have you been thinking about implementing an IT consulting software or did you implement such a software? It is time to learn something new and make use of the advantages of an IT consulting software and especially of the benefits of Iphos IT Consulting.

Before we start talking about this important topic, think about these statements and try to assess them with TRUE or FALSE:

Statement 1: I am convinced of the fact that my company currently has a great advantage over other companies by using IT.
Statement 2: If a company is more successful than mine, I am sure that IT has not any influence on this fact.
Statement 3: Spending money on IT is wasted money.
Statement 4: IT is not becoming as important as it seems, it is rather an unimportant factor in being successful as a company.

You have assessed all statements with false? That is the right way, you do not have to reread the statements. If you think, that some of these statements are true, reread them after finishing reading this site.

IT is becoming more important, but for whom? Who is profiting from the fact that a company uses a professional IT software? The list is very long, however, let us be precisive. Employees have a great benefit if they are using a professional software. They do not have to struggle with software bugs or system failure. They are able to work more efficient and effective and do not waist time on fixing software bugs. On one side the customers profit by this fact, since the employees are not inhibited by the software and can offer the company’s service in a better why and on the other side employers have an advantage because the processes run more fluent and there are no issues about the IT. On the whole, investing in a professional IT software, saves on the long term a lot of money and time.

But what is the great benefit of Iphos IT Consulting? If you have heard about troubles with IT Consulting Companies, these troubles have not happened in cooperating with us.

Clicking on the bottom of the page, you have the possibility to download a trial for some packages of our IT solution which are standardized. This trial endures three months and if you need more time for thinking about investing in the Iphos IT Consulting software, you can extend the trial for an additional month. The trial offers you and your employees first insights into our software packages. By filling them with real data, you can test some functions directly for your own company. During these three months you can contact us and ask for adding additional features for testing. These additional features are also free and offer you even more chances for testing the software. Both, your company and Iphos IT Consulting make benefit of this trial. You make use of the chance to introduce your employees to the new software, explore the advantages and adjust some parts of the packages to your company. We can help you and provide you with support, to make the implementation of the software easier.

What happens after this trial?

After the trial you have the possibility for making an appointment with one of our IT consultants to specify your requirements and expectations more detailed. After this appointment, which is free, you need to decide within 72 hours about cooperating with Iphos IT Consulting and implementing our software. By making use of the trial, the implementation time can be shortened up to 50 per cent and a special offer could also be granted to you.

By clicking the following button, you are forwarded to our site, where you can download the trial software package and start the trial time. If you have further questions you can contact us via chat, mail or telephone or visit us at our headquarter in Vienna / Wien and our consultants will answer your questions.

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Contact us if you are interested in our solutions. One of our employees will evaluate your ideas and provide first consulting. After that, we will send you an offer that is optimized for your specific needs.

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