IT Maintenance Contracts

Different businesses have different needs when it comes to IT maintenance. An IT maintenance contract takes these needs into account and includes only contractual services that are relevant to a company or organization. In that way IT maintenance can be cost effective and tailored to the specific requirements.

What are the key elements of an IT maintenance contract?

A contract does not need to be a long and complex document that only people with a university degree in law can understand. Basically, an IT maintenance contract should clearly state the services provided and prices asked to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. So, what elements exactly should you look out for in an IT maintenance contract? Our contracts include the following topics:

  • What services are going to be provided to what extent? – This list should be very specific as to provide a clear reference.
  • What IT services will be delivered by remote support, and which services require the IT technicians to work on-site at the customer premises?
  • Is IT procurement part of the maintenance contract?
  • What services are explicitly excluded? –
  • Who provides IT maintenance? – This part will regulate if subcontractors are allowed to provide IT maintenance tasks for the customer, and if so to what extent.
  • Whom are the services provided for? – Large enterprises might have branch offices that may or may not be included in the maintenance contract.
  • Which service levels are going to be provided?
  • What response time will be agreed upon?
  • How is the customer supposed to contact the contractor? Is there a ticketing system in place, a telephone hotline? Will there be a project manager / IT technician specifically appointed to this customer?
  • Give detailed information on pricing – is the contract based on billing per hour or on a monthly lumpsum? Will travel-times to the customers premises be accounted for? Are there different price levels for different service levels and times of the day? How are weekend and holiday duties accounted for? Make sure your IT maintenance contract contains all this pricing information.
  • Is there a non-disclosure agreement that needs to go into your IT maintenance contract?
  • What duties has the customer? Think providing of a project manager, licenses, access to IT infrastructure, etc.
  • The usual set of clauses for commercial contracts.

We provide tailor-made IT maintenance contracts for every business need.

Our state-of-the-art IT maintenance contracts

Hours-based IT maintenance contract

This IT maintenance contract is best for customers who just occasionally need any IT services. Regular payments would not make much sense for them. Hourly rates for this type of contract are of course higher, as the services can not be planned in the same fashion as for fixed price or maintenance package customers.

IT maintenance contract with hourly package

Customers who do not want to commit to a fixed monthly maintenance budget, yet know that they will regularly need IT support often prefer this type of contract. The buy a certain number of hours for each service level that might need to be provided at a discounted rate compared to the hours-based IT maintenance contract. The package has to be paid upfront and con be used whenever needed thereafter. Once it is used up, a new maintenance package has to be purchased.
Regular maintenance tasks, like for example software updating, can be agreed upon in this type of IT maintenance contract.

Fixed price IT maintenance contract

Customers with frequent needs in IT support and services are best of with a fixed price IT maintenance contract. The contract regulates the number of hours that will in general be dedicated to this customer and what services will be provided on a regular base, e.g. remote server monitoring, software updating, etc. This type of contract offers a high level of accountability in combination with affordable pricing and high availability.

Why choose us for your IT maintenance contract?

We have been in the business for 25 years. Our experienced IT technicians are experts in IT maintenance and constantly strive to stay on top of new IT developments. Hundreds of satisfied customers rely on our maintenance services. We would be happy to count you in as well.

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