Why good IT maintenance support is a crucial thing for every business!

Many people might now think „What do you mean?“ or „What are you talking about? Everything is working fine!“. But believe us.. no IT environment runs perfectly forever.

We as a professional IT maintenance support provider know the little tweaks and hints for your information technology environment to work at its best. If you have never thought about that topic do not worry! We are here to help you and get you into that. At the end of this text you will exactly know what we are talking about and maybe also have actual ideas on how to implement those tips into your life and business.

When talking about IT maintenance support we mean to constantly keep your IT environment updated and on the top. This does not only include businesses, but also every private computer. Those systems, if not updated properly, tend to open security holes, which black hat hackers might try to climb through in order to get themselves ahead. Getting ahead could mean stealing data to gain an advantage or for blackmailing. Even money or credit card data can be stolen without you even knowing.

But IT maintenance support is not only about security issues. It is also about effectivity. IT Systems are not perfect from the beginning. They get better and better over time. With every update.

So, here are some keystone habits you should use in your IT maintenance routine in order to ensure a smooth workspace. But you always have to remember, that those changes do not take place from one day to another. It is a long process of continual increases and growth. If you prefer not to work it out on your own, feel free to reach out to us.

1. Constantly backup important files

Now and then every IT system has runtime problems. Sometimes it simply happens that there are files overridden or lost. In some cases those might even be important files. Therefor a proper IT maintenance support should help you with doing those backups at a constant schedule and in time. This is done by so called „backup tools“, which are configured to create backups of your whole IT system or just parts of it most likely in the night, while your business is closed. That guarantees, that your daily tasks are not affected by those updates, but for the case of lost data you are well prepared to be back as soon as possible. If you have any problems with your backup tool, we can help you to sort that out.

2. Getting rid of duplicate files

Duplicate files are something you simply don’t need in your environment. They make everything even more confusing and unclear. This is actually one of the most important rules for relational databases: No redundancy!! At all! Duplicates only cost you disk space and computing time. And both of them are money. If you somehow managed to accumulate a ton of duplicates you do not have to worry. We have the right tools and specialists to get you back on track.

3. Constantly keeping your systems up to date

The main reason of updates nowadays, if they are not offering a new software version, is bug fixing and the closing of security problems. Software developers try to roll out security updates as soon as a new security issue is publicized. But if you do not update your system in time, you can still be hit hard by those security leaks. That’s why we think that a big part of good IT maintenance support is to constantly keep your system at the current product version. We check about updates for all supported software twice a day to assure, that you get the best service possible.

4. Proper anti-virus software

Call it how you want. Malware, Spyware, Adware, Spammers, Trojan Horses, Worms and many more. Nowadays there is so much malicious software circulating, that your business simply needs a good implemented anti-virus solution. The IT maintenance support of your choice should always keep on top of the topic and know about current security issues and problems in order to deal with them. There are many options of good anti-virus software. But oftentimes simply installing them is not enough. Exact and professional configuration is the key to a system without security problems. Our specialists are well trained and always act on time in order to keep you safe.

5. Scheduled hardware checks

Your IT maintenance support should not only keep your software in shape. Hardware is also a very important topic. The best software makes no use without a good serviced hardware.
This does not only include getting the machine back to work if it is not working. There should not even be a non-scheduled point, where the machine is not working. Keeping the hardware to current standards and maintain it is crucial. Also, all electric devices should be cleaned from dust from time to time, which should only be done by a professional in order to keep your devices safe and working.

6. Support when you need it

All the points above do not get you anywhere, if they are wildly executed. Especially with IT maintenance support, you need it at the right time. There is a new update? We have already rolled it out, before you even get notified from the publisher. There is a new malware around? We have already fixed the leak, if there is a solution. You accidentally got rid of a file, which you need in 10 minutes? We are there for you to go through your backups and get you the file in time.

Whatever you need, we are there for you.
Feel free to contact us.

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