IT maintenance

We provide various types of IT maintenance, depending on the needs of your businesses. Here we list the main types, along with their pros and cons. This type of maintenance includes everything from software update tasks to the complete replacement of equipment. We will not go over each of these tasks in detail, but for convenience, we will outline the general principles.

Software maintenance

Its important to understand that software maintenance does not just apply to computers and servers. Its also important for mobile devices and other devices that use software as its operating system. Software maintenance tasks can range from basic system tasks like uninstalling old apps to more in-depth operations like the complete replacement of hardware and software components.

Hardware maintenance

Its important to understand that hardware maintenance is not just about keeping your computers running. Its also important for many other tasks, such as keeping your network connected, protecting your data and the devices that you are using it on. Hardware maintenance tasks include things like:

  • security checks
  • assessing the performance of your computer systems
  • keeping your devices from malfunctioning
  • patching holes in the software

As you can imagine, hardware maintenance involves a lot of manual labor. This manual labor is very time consuming. To keep your hardware running at its optimal performance, we will do some basic computer system administration tasks, such as:

  • monitoring system performance
  • installing and updating software
  • Regular computer system maintenance


Repairing means different things to different businesses. For small businesses, medium businesses, and large businesses, it usually means keeping up the existing IT systems by using maintenance routines. It also involves upgrading existing systems or adding new ones, depending on the needs of the business, and it also possibly involves full replacement of all IT systems (including backup systems and firewall & backup software), depending on the needs.


This is when a computer or system is given the ability to perform tasks automatically, based on results obtained from various other sources. For example, systems monitoring tools like ours can be used to monitor system health, while a suite of security software and hardware protect the system from various types of attacks. This type of maintenance is useful in some situations, but not in all possible situations. For example, in some jobs, automation is relatively unnecessary, and it could even be actively harmful. Automated systems are responsible for almost all the tasks that are not performed manually. In other jobs, however, matters are still controlled manually. In such cases, automation is useful in specific repetitive and easy jobs. For example, certain types of maintenance require great skill and knowledge of the system, while other types are entirely automatic.
In all cases, however, the end result is the same: the betterment of the systems and the overall operation, if any, of the business.


Restoration means not the same thing as automation. It brings back familiar tech procedures. Its main difference is that it uses them in a new and different way. A restore point is a point in time, rather than a point in space. For example, a restore point allows us to restore the systems to their former glory, while keeping the operations of the systems as they were at the point of the original failure.

Patch management

Patch management is not only about keeping track of security vulnerabilities in software, but also about ensuring that they are patched as soon as possible. Its important to note that while software bugs are usually located in software that has just been updated, the underlying system problems can be found in other software versions as well.

Disk space management

With a solid disk drive, our IT maintenance managers can:

  • provide space for new files
  • restoring files that have been deleted
  • keep your data safe and secure on the drive
  • maintain a working set of compatible hard disks
  • monitor system performance

IT maintenance budget

In many cases, your hardware maintenance budget will be less than your software maintenance budget. However, with steady budget support, you can expect to exceed it all the time. Thus, we provide our customers smart contracts that reduce costs while keeping up a steady maintenance. Its worth noting that not all computer systems maintenance needs are hardware related. For example, while software maintenance is usually the mainstay of any IT budget, hardware maintenance is becoming increasingly important in some of the following ways:

  • security
  • protection
  • maintaining your network
  • controlling the speed of your router

These systems maintenance tasks keep your computer systems running at optimal efficiency. And as you’d expect, keeping your systems running smoothly isn’t always easy without our service.

Its worth mentioning that some of the tasks that you can perform on a regular basis, even if you are not a computer systems administrator. It will help to keep your systems running at their optimal performance. For example, if your computer systems aren’t set to run at their maximum speed, we will correct this.

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