IT Maturity Assessment

Many organizations depend on a well-functioning, effective IT department and infrastructure for their success. The level of effectiveness can be described as an IT maturity model – a benchmark that takes into account various areas of your IT and assesses them in relation to people, processes, and / or technologies. The IT maturity assessment provides insights into the strength and weaknesses, the opportunities, and threats for your IT.

Making the right strategic decision is easier with a comprehensive dataset at hand. A dataset as is provided by our IT Maturity Assessment.

In our IT maturity assessment process, we work with the CMMMI, the Capability Maturity Model Integration. The CMMI is originally targeting software development processes. However, the clarity and simplicity of its five levels (Initial, Managed, Defined, Quantitatively Managed, and Optimizing) has made it a commonly used model in IT maturity assessment as well.

IT Maturity Assessment – optimize your IT’s performance to positively impact your business goals

The 5 Levels of IT Maturity

  1. Initial Level: In this stage no standards are in place. It is inconsistent, almost chaotic. Tasks take way more time and resources than necessary, costing the organization more money than need be.
  2. Managed Level: In the managed level some processes have been defined and implemented. As the name implies, this level of maturity has managed activities. However, there are not insights, no analysis informing the processes in action.
  3. Defined Level: The defined level sees a process being defined as a standard and implemented across the organization. This process is then tailored for individual projects.
  4. Quantitatively Managed Level: The quantitively managed level finally sees analysis and insights come into place. The defined process from the previous level is now being measured. Deviations from the set standard are addressed in order to ensure performance and uniformity.
  5. Optimized Level: The process is continuously improved upon, with the improvements being based on the measurements and analysis as set up in the previous level.

IT Maturity Assessment Goals

Our IT Maturity Assessment is targeted to give you a clear picture of which level your IT is currently at and points out strategies on how to improve that status. The goal to help an organization move from spending unnecessary time in just reacting and putting out little fires to being more productive and efficient by means of strategic planning and implementing those plans.

During the assessment process our team look at various areas of your IT and determine in the course of workshops or one- on-one interviews which of the five levels best describes the current status of said area. Together with our customer we define which level is the best fit for the future state to be of the area assessed. Not always is the highest level the most desirable state for an organization at a given time. The cost and efforts to reach the optimized level might be too high compared to the benefits it would bring. Generally, our experts assess the following areas of our customer’s IT:

  • Infrastructure & technologies
  • IT Security & threat management
  • Strategies & methodology
  • Service management & operations
  • Culture & organization
  • Innovation
  • Data science

Our maturity assessors prepare an extensive report with the results of the assessment process and suggest comprehensive steps for each area to reach the desired future state to be.

IT maturity Assessment is an ongoing process. As businesses and their IT departments evolve, so do their goals in regard to which level they want to reach in their various areas. Re-assessing their IT maturity in regular intervals is therefore a practice we highly recommend.

Comprehensive IT Maturity Assessment

25 years of experience in all things IT with hundreds of satisfied customers and thousands of successfully effected IT projects are a good reason to partner up with us. Our experienced and certified IT consultants and technicians constantly strive to stay on top of new developments in the field of information technology. In the past decade have successfully completed several IT maturity assessment projects for various companies in Austria and Bulgaria.

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