IT Performance Management

The main goal of our company is to provide excellent service to our customers. We constantly strive to bring you even higher quality software products. IT performance management is one way to help us achieve this goal. We would like to give you some insight into what exactly IT performance management is, and how can you, as a customer, profit from this process as well.

Striving for excellence with IT performance management.

What is IT performance management?

Performance management is a process widely used in business improvement. It involves various strategies set to turn plans into concrete results, making use of the management cycle from planning to final control. By means of data collection, analysis and building models based on these analyses, this process helps in making the right decisions each and every time. In this way, not only the performance, but also the quality of the work we deliver is greatly enhanced.
The key principles of IT performance management include customer orientation, business process management, and workflow optimization.

These can be achieved by adhering to a 5-step performance management cycle, that also has influence on the way we conduct our IT project management.

The 5-Step Performance Management Cycle:
Plan – Act – Monitor – Evaluate – Recognize

Highly motivated development teams through IT performance management processes

A highly motivated team is the best guarantee to implementing successful development projects that will contribute to our own, but first and foremost to our customers’ business success. IT performance management techniques are crucial in keeping our team highly motivated.

Clear goal definition

The first step in successful IT performance management is to set a clear goal and communicate this to all developers and other staff involved in a software or app development project. While the mail goal is of course a finished product, the road leading there has more milestones to pass. Prioritizing the work packages and milestones, the steps that lead to the final goal is of highest importance. All steps are communicated clearly and in detail, so that every employee involved in the project knows exactly what to do when and how much time is planned for that task. Having clear goals leads to higher level of satisfaction and efficiency.

Monitoring and troubleshooting

Team leaders and project manager will closely monitor the progress of task completion. In that way problems can be identified and remedied quickly, saving time and money.

Feedback and appraisal

Constructive feedback is important. Our team leaders frequently take time to give our employees feedback on their work and discuss potential weaknesses how to best overcome these and develop new skills. Of course, their achievements are appraised as well – after all recognition is an important factor in keeping motivation levels high.

Improving skill sets

In a world of fast changing technologies, it is a must to give developers time to learn new skills explore new technologies and build upon their experience and knowledge. Exchange and knowledge management with the teams is also encouraged.


Building strong and reliable teams that work together well is an important step in our company’s IT performance management processes. We provide teambuilding events that strengthen the ties amongst our staff members but are also fun for our employees on a regular basis. Coming together outside the usual work environment helps them bond and often creative solutions for work related problems come out of these events.

IT performance management for optimal ITSM & software development

25 years of experience in all things ITSM and software development with hundreds of satisfied customers and thousands of successfully effected IT projects are a good reason to partner up with us. Our experienced and IPMA certified IT technicians constantly strive to stay on top of new developments in information technology and project management. We adhere to the international standard of ITIL based project management processes. The IT performance management processes we have set in place, particularly in the field of people performance management, contribute to the successful completion of the projects we take on.

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