IT procurement for your home office? For you?

There are few basic tasks that have such an importance today as a functioning IT. The modern office requires both a functioning hardware and software architecture at all times. Especially with the challenges that the now brings, the question now is how to bring the office architecture into the home, ensuring home office access.
With our IT procurement we can give you a decisive advantage over your competitors. We offer the full package of IT procurement. In hardware procurement as well as in software procurement we are not only experienced, but also ready to meet your needs. A special provider, a special solution? No problem, we offer a flexible solution in the context of IT procurement.

Our approach is simple.

  1. we procure only the technology you really need. In an initial consultation, one of our specialists will provide you with concrete solution options. With us there are no expensive complete solutions, which are already completely outdated after 2-3 years. We respond to your wishes and to your needs.
  2. we develop a strategy that will bring you to your goal in the long run. Often people only pay attention to the initial price. The fact that behind these devices often a rat tail of problems and subsequent costs hides one recognizes only, if it is too late. We make sure that this mistake does not happen to you.
  3. we involve you where it is really necessary. Many companies want their IT procurement to work first and foremost. We want that too. Therefore, every step that is necessary is discussed with you. But not to cost you money, but to save you a fait accompli in the long run.
  4. we train your employees

The change from old to new can sometimes prove to be very difficult. To make this step easier for you, we have installed a team for training in addition to IT procurement, so you can sit back and relax while we bring your employees to the level you need. A recent study of 36 nations shows that 79% of all companies today are focused on making procurement as cost-effective as possible. But every company is different. Our IT procurement is routinized and designed to create the ideal conditions for a satisfied order within a few weeks.
Here’s what you need to consider: just a few years ago, IT procurement on the hardware side meant that all you needed was a PC, a monitor, a printer, and possibly a company phone.
Today, you need not only these things, but also a telephone, a VoIP system, a server, laptops.
Especially the current Corona situation and the steady implementation of home office shows the limits of a purely stationary office solution. A laptop and a docking station can be the quick and uncomplicated solution here.
The software side is also subject to constant development. Today’s best practice for cyber security can be tomorrow’s biggest gap for your corporate network.
Even the consideration of whether to use software-as-a-service or custom build applications must be well thought out. Our IT procurement system manages this with links.
No matter how you like it, through our long-standing contacts with the industry we are happy to negotiate special licenses for you. We are Microsoft Gold Partner, Cisco Partner and IBM Business Partner.

What are my advantages?

By engaging us, you implement the current best practices in IT procurement. This will have an impact on your daily work, on your security and on your strategic goals.
Your daily work will become easier, because unlike before, you will have an infrastructure that is tailored to your needs. Having your own app for your service phones is just as possible as creating cloud hosting.
The security of your IT will become easier, because for us IT procurement also means IT maintenance. We give you the security you need. If a current standard is no longer sufficient, we will fix it without problems and long calls.
Your strategic goals will go through the roof. You just worked with xls-files, we offer software that can be modularly adapted to your needs.


If you are now interested in the industry leader in IT procurement, feel free to make an appointment with one of our many experts.

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