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What is an IT procurement process?

The importance of IT is increasing in almost all companies and business areas. In many cases it becomes a decisive success factor, so it is decisive to execute efficient IT procurement processes. IT procurement consists of a number of activities and procedures that are necessary to purchase IT products and services, which includes both strategic and administrative tasks. Regular tasks of our company include market research, solving billing problems or exchanging information with our customers.
Nevertheless, it is a complicated and huge process with an extensive amount of subtasks and that is why you need parties which can execute these complicated processes in an efficient and effective way in order to satisfy all groups of customers.

Our steps for an effective IT procurement process

Business analysis

This is and has to be the beginning of every IT project. Stakeholders are defined and the project scope and goals are fixed. Team members are scheduled, costs estimated and milestones set until the end of the project. In addition, we recommend the creation of a minimal prototype and a test run with future users. This ensures that all expectations are met and the project can be executed correctly.


As soon as you are looking for a suitable implementation partner, it is up to you to draw up a requirement specification. This should contain all the requirements of your project and highlight the project target. The requirement specification is a rough concept and contributes significantly to the success of the further course of the project. Complications often occur during formulation. It must also be constantly checked whether all project participants have internalized the goal of the solution equally. The more precisely these requirements are formulated, the higher the probability of successful project implementation. We support you in the operative survey of your requirements and involve the appropriate specialist departments of your company at an early stage. Our specialists will draw up a meaningful, target group-oriented specification sheet for you. Tailored to your personal IT or software project!

Supplier selection

The selection of the most economically and technically suitable implementation partner is an essential success factor for your project. It requires exact preparation, transparency and determination of the specific objective decision criteria in order to select the optimal partner. In order to find the best possible provider for you, we take a neutral position. An objective evaluation and a high degree of transparency are important quality criteria for our experts. Within a very short time you can get an overview of the various service providers. On the basis of predefined key figures and taking your compliance rules into account, you can then decide on a suitable service provider.

Project implementation

We accompany you during the entire implementation phase and support you with professional project management. This follows the project planning and runs parallel through all project phases. The monitoring of the project implementation ensures the adherence to your cost and budget plan. Our experts offer maximum transparency and ensure that no unscheduled requirements are processed during implementation and that the requirements documented in the specifications are implemented exactly. Requests for technical and technical changes are not uncommon and are an integral part of every project. These change requests are compared with the requirements and functional specifications and checked for plausibility and feasibility. Our reporting allows you to maintain an overview at all times and to track the amount of work involved and control your costs.

Project acceptance

Within a very short time we can make statements about the quality, the progress of implementation and the completeness of your project. This enables you to determine whether your project has been successfully completed or whether a further development phase is necessary to complete it.
The user interfaces defined in the requirement specification are also implemented during this phase, tested for complete functionality and compared with the target from the requirement specification.

During the whole process our company offers you the following advantages:

  • Support in determining your IT requirements
  • Consolidation of requirements
  • Transformation of requirements into specifications
  • Evaluation of the provider
  • Recommendation of the provider
  • Project management support
  • Transparent project status
  • Cost & success control
  • Clear & reliable project controlling

Complete your project successfully and use your IT or software solution error-free from day one!

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