IT Procurement Services

There is virtually no business that can do without the proper IT infrastructure -from hardware to software and licensing. Shopping for those – also known as IT procurement – can be tricky unless you are an IT professional. Many businesses therefore rely on IT procurement services to successfully fulfill their information technology needs. We have specialized in providing the best possible IT procurement services – no matter if it is hardware, software, or IT-related services you need to procure.

What are IT procurement services?

IT procurement service providers first help you determine what exactly it is your business needs. We take time to take stock of your needs and advise you on the best possible strategy – technology-wise that is – on how to proceed. Our team evaluates fitting vendors, takes on the task of obtaining offers, negotiating prices, fulfillment and service contracts and orders the necessary assets for you. Quality control, contract administration, and the handling of possible warranty and maintenance issues also are services in the procurement process you can rely on.

Our experienced experts provide fast, reliable, and affordable IT procurement services for businesses and organisations.

Assets that are typically part of IT procurement services

IT Hardware

On-prem IT infrastructure for businesses is a common request for IT procurement service providers. Procuring hardware might include:

  • Server hardware
  • Workstation computers
  • Printers
  • Switches
  • Data storage
  • Communication equipment (phone, fax, mobile devices, etc.)
  • Network installations
  • WIFI installations
  • And more

The rise in employees working from their home office requires a special type of IT infrastructure. IT procurement service includes consulting on the best practices for this decentralized work situation. Typically, hardware like the following is needed to provide a safe work environment:

  • Notebooks
  • Mobile devices
  • Terminal servers
  • Enterprise search engines

Software Licensing

Software needs regular updates and proper licensing to keep your business safe and compliant with legal regulations. Depending on fluctuations in staff, licensing has to be adapted frequently. Managing the software licenses needed by a business – like security and server software, office applications for the workstations, etc. – is part of our IT procurement services.

Our state-of-the-art IT procurement services

IT procurement consultation by experts

We take note of your technological needs and provide extensive consultation in regard to the best acquisition strategy for any form of IT infrastructure be it hardware and / or software. In this process we do our best to take future developments – like the growth of your business, but also developments in technology into account. After all, your new procurement should be futureproof and scalable. Get the best value for your budget.

ITIL-based project management

Our expert IT procurement team has long experience in ITIL-based project management, supply chain management, and IT procurement. You can be sure to have your acquisitions handled in structured and organized way – from consultancy to negotiations, contract management, and implementation.

Best vendor relationships

Over the years we have built strong relationships with many leading hard- and software suppliers. You can profit from those longstanding partnerships and rely on getting the best deals and support. New suppliers are thoroughly tested and audited– after all we want to provide the best IT procurement services for you.

Hardware procurement Services

Typically these are the steps in a successful IT procurement process effected by our team of experts:

  • Evaluation of your requirements and information technology needs
  • Consultancy and strategy development
  • Selecting the appropriate for your project taking into account your budget
  • Communication and negotiations with the chosen procurement vendors
  • Evaluation of the proposals received
  • Negotiating the best terms
  • Contract administration
  • Logistics procurement
  • Quality check upon arrival
  • IT maintenance procurement (either by supplier or reliable service provider)
  • Managing of warranty issues and maintenance services


Software Procurement & Licensing Services

Apart from the standard software procurement services, we also offer a special software procurement service in case your project requires a custom-made software solution. This includes a detailed product specification brief and assistance in the bidder assessment process.

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If you would like to know more about our IT procurement services, or already have a specific project you would like to get an estimate for, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you with a tailor-made offer. We would be happy to support your business with any issues in regard to professional IT procurement services.

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