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Every business wants to be successful and that requires a load of things from good logistics, to data management to managing technological goals. All this can be achieved with the help of the information technology project management from Iphos.

What is information technology project management?

Information technology project management or ITPM is the management process of planning, organizing and achieving technological goals of an organization. IT affects all departments and processes happening in a company today. So having a well-functioning ITPM is essential for successful businesses.

Why would I need an information technology project management service from Iphos?

In today’s highly competitive market companies must have processes that are working smoothly to stay on top. This requires reaching certain goals including technological ones, even if your company is not in the tech branch itself. Everyday activities can be made more efficient and effective with the right IT project management service.

What do we provide for you?

With our state of the arts technological solutions your businesses success can be guaranteed. We at Iphos provide answers for all different kinds of software problems

  • logistics and your supply chain
  • your data management and business analytics
  • reaching your technological goals
  • purchasing orders
  • hardware installation
  • designing software, websites and mobile applications (apps)
  • networks and cloud computing solutions
  • technology services

Our highly skilled staff will guide you in every step ahead of your IT project management journey and help you with any type of occurring questions along the way of the five stages of IT project management where we follow the KAIZEN motto (change for good).

  1. conception and initiation stage
  2. planning stage
  3. execution stage
  4. performance and monitoring stage
  5. closing the project stage

A lot of companies still use the waterfall methods, even though there is a more efficient and effective one out there. We at Iphos are using the agile project management methodology which provides our customers with a lot of great benefits and can help to reach all of your technology goals. Because here at Iphos we believe, live and work with the motto KAIZEN (change for good).

This process includes the following steps:

  • evaluating the current processes and present structures of your company
  • suggesting ideas for improving and optimizing your processes
  • applying design together with you and your team
  • constructing and implementing applications fitted to your needs
  • evaluating and monitoring every step

What are the benefits of a good information technology project management for your company?

A good information technology project management is inevitable for every modern organization that wants to stay competitive. There are a variety of benefits that arrive with good information technology project management. Some of them are:

  • control is centralized
  • costs can be reduced
  • communication with executives of your business is made more effective
  • your return on investment (ROI) increases
  • customer service improves
  • the respect among professional staff advances
  • you gain a competitive advantage against your competitors
  • your IT infrastructure aligns with your business objectives
  • you have the better basis for making decisions


When should you implement information technology project management by Iphos?

If your organization wants to improve its communication and make projects more efficient while still giving your customers, the best quality of products or services you should think about implementing an information technology project management by Iphos. Information technology project management brings you a lot of different benefits especially when working in teams but also when you have various different IT projects and do not have a clear sense of which ones would fit in best with your existing strategic objectives. Furthermore, if you notice some gaps in your information technology architecture that should be filled, information technology project management can help you and enable your employees to work more efficient. If you tend to neglect different areas for example updating your devices and swapping out old machines than think about implementing ITPM from insert company name. Lastly, over-serve certain areas can result in more costs than benefits of an existing IT investment.

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