IT Scalablitiy – What is it and how can it be your advantage?

The term IT scalability buzzes around in many business conversations about start-ups, cloud technology or IT applications. But even though, it is sometimes considered as a sware word, scalability in an IT context is more or less a requirement for a well functioning system or an application.

But what is scalable in an IT context?

In short words: A system or application that can grow and expand without redefining the already existing workflow can be described as scalable.

Now that we agree on the term IT scalability, now let’s define why it is so important to have a scalable cloud system or IT products. To give a short example. An Outlet centre handles a scale, that means on Saturdays, it expects more customers, therefore it is putting additional staff on duty for Saturdays.
Essentially, the Outlet centre is able to adjust its operational approach to handle more throughput from the same core estate of business (assuming it has also provisioned for product stock levels) ensuring that customers always experience the same shopping experience for e.g. the time it takes from entering to leaving the shop regardless of whether it is super busy, or very quiet. the ability to scale applications and ensure that they are always running and available to its customers is a top priority – whether it’s Black Friday, a busy travel season, or in the midst of a category five Hurricane.

How is IT scalability implemented?

The rescaling can be of the product itself (for example, a line of computer systems of different sizes in terms of storage, RAM, and so forth) or in the scalable object’s movement to a new context (for example, a new operating system). And therefore, it’s highly important for a business organisation to adapt and consider the scalability of a solution before buying a new system The degree and nature of scalability depends on the unique requirements of the company, its products, processes and business goals.

When talking about IT scalability, it cannot be done without mentioning Artificial intelligence. AI supports the scaling process and helps to process big pieces of data. With the help of AI systems, it makes it easier to spot potential rescaling options and opportunities to increase the revenue or helps to avoid costs.

It is the ability not only to function well in the rescaled situation but to actually take full advantage of it. For example, an application program would be scalable if it could be moved from a smaller to a larger operating system and take full advantage of the larger operating system in terms of performance and the larger number of users that could be handled.

Why are we the right partner?

As a provider for IT solutions, we highly adapt to the need of our customers and consider our products and solutions up-and downwards scalable, always fitting the needs for our grow but also consider the risks and the probability to rescale downwards.
A common problem that companies experience when implementing new business software is compatibility issues with other current IT platform components. Understanding how these components all act together requires intense inventory tracking and documentation is one of our core competencies.
Without the probability to rescale the IT solutions, the solution is nothing but a system configured with a set of algorithms, protocols and programs. When it is designed to serve a business organisation it has to be flexible enough to adapt to any kind of scale up and scale out process. With the help of AI and neuronal networks, we are able to determine potential scaling opinions and can support your business to grow as smooth as possible,
We not only implement the solution but also support you along the way and can maintain the quality of your systems.
We support every cloud system from IBM, AWS, and others, and because of our longtime experience with those systems, we are more than able to create your solution as adaptable as possible.
IT scalability is our passion and therefore we are the best partner for your needs!

With longtime experience can our consultants and developers support your business to your needs.



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