You are scared of an IT Security Breach of anonymous Hackers? Or you cannot hold up with the technological change in the IT Business?

Most of the bigger companies have an own IT-Department or even their own IT-Security. Today most of the new electronical devices are connected to the network. Some companies in the USA got hacked over the Wi-Fi radios in the offices. Did your Security Department know that this is possible? The answer is No? Then it is a good idea to search for the right IT Security Service.

You are still unsure if it is a good idea to give the task of Cyber Security to another company and outsource all the sensitive data? That is good and the first step to an unbreakable company. Now it is on us to explain our service and convince you of our qualities.

IT Security is the foundation of every company. Our service reaches from protecting single Data to secure entire computer networks. In order to be able to offer all this it takes a huge amount of planning, measures and control. Our IT Security Service has three goals: the confidentiality of information, the integrity of the information and the availability of the information.

All in all, IT Security is the safety of sociotechnical systems. That means, that in one environment people and technologies are integrated. So, we do not only fend off hackers, but we also eliminate any kind of threat. Because security is not only about data thieves, but also about threats and damage that can be done in a company. Also, you shouldn´t only think of the company data. Because data protection is also about the defense against misuse of personal data. So, data protection must also ensure the privacy and anonymity of the employees. Big security companies often outsource some parts of their work, but we can ensure you, that we will not be passed on data to unauthorized third parties.

Many IT Security Companies only care about the Hardware which is stationary in the company building. But the biggest security breach are the Notebooks of the employees, which are taken home and connected with unsafe or public connections. Most virus and spyware are implemented in a company on this way. Our IT Specialists have created a concept to counteract this problem. The whole service is a company secret. We are more than happy to share this revolutionary technology with you and explain it to you in a personal meeting. To such a meeting we will come with our specialists and show you that we are able to enter your systems. Most of the time companies are not aware of the security problems they have.

Is this a little too much or more than you need we are also willing to do it the old-fashioned way. So, we do not have to access your sensitive information, we will care about your servers and laptops with backups. No clouds or online servers are involved. Everything stays in your company and you can lock away the hardware.

Our Company complies with the numerous national and international rules and standards of IT Security management. In the German-speaking area this includes the IT basic laws, the ISO 20000. Also, we are not a big company which allows us to focus on our clients.

Every Company needs something different but to provide you the best IT Security Service that you need to the cheapest price, we need to visit you and create an individual Security plan. We offer a modular system with individual prices, so you can decide whatever you want. There is also the possibility of training your IT Security, so that they can do it alone in the future.

All our employees are highly trained in the IT security segment. We have Specialists in Cloud Safety, Backups, Data security and Network security. If you are willing to give us your trust you will not be disappointed, because you have got the best IT Security that money can buy.

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