IT Security Services

Cybercrime is constantly on the rise, data loss, data breach, damaged hardware, prolonged downtimes – an attack can cost your business dearly. Managed IT security services can drastically reduce risks and keep threats at bay, and your business safe.

With our reliable IT Security Services your business is safe from IT & cyber threats.

IT Security and cyber threats businesses face today

Security Risk Phishing

Phishing mails have become increasingly realistic. They look like mails from business partners, or your bank, but the links they want you to click will – one click is all it takes to install malware and carry out other attacks.

Security Risk Ransomware

By the means of phishing attacks encryption Trojans can take hold of your system and provide access to sensitive data for criminals. They can then encrypt your data, locking you out of your own systems. Attacks like these will lead to data breach, data loss, and considerable downtimes. Significant monetary, but also reputational loss is the consequence.

Security Risk Mobile Devices

Often unsecured mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, or notebooks can easily be lost or stolen, thus leaking data and opening backdoors for potential hacker attacks.

Security Risk Social Engineering

Cybercriminals trying to get access to passwords and other sensitive information by pretending to be a colleague, supervisor, or some other person of authority, are constantly becoming more successful, as many employees are not aware of this IT security threat.

Our IT security services

Protecting your IT infrastructure

To protect your IT infrastructure from cyber threats, we provide a comprehensive IT security service. Our IT technicians and IT security experts monitor your systems to ward off possible attacks right from the start.

  • Advanced malware protection (host and endpoint security)
  • Firewall set-up and maintenance
  • Security monitoring and management services
  • Cloud & virtualization security services
  • Security solutions for mobile devices
  • Data center protection services
  • Timely updating and patch management


IT security assessment

Whether you want to be clear on your IT’s security status or need to prove your organization’s IT security due to business reasons – our IT technicians can conduct tests for a technical security assessment and provide a comprehensive report on their findings. Our IT security assessment is also the best starting point for developing and implementing an advanced IT security strategy. After all you have to be aware of your IT’s vulnerabilities to be able to remedy them. These security assessment tests include:

  • vulnerability assessments and penetration testing of your business applications systems
  • testing cloud security
  • security checks on databases
  • vulnerability and security checks of your network infrastructure
  • assessment of IT infrastructure security
  • assessment of the level of security of your mobile solutions

IT security Strategies

Many incidents happen due to a lack of security awareness in an organization’s employees: a click on a link in a phishing mail, overly simple passwords, falling prey to social engineering tricks, there are many ways for clever criminals to trick unsuspecting staff members.

Our security consultants offer the following services in regard to
IT security, data and privacy protection, as well as risk management, and disaster prevention and recovery strategies:

  • Data protection audits
  • Risk and threat assessments
  • Devising IT security strategies and policies
  • GDPR consulting
  • Security awareness training for employees
  • Designing a disaster prevention and recovery strategy


Benefit from out IT Security Services

  • High quality IT security initiatives will keep your downtimes to a minimum, saving you time and money.
  • Cyber attacks can lead to immense losses – in funds and reputation. With our IT security services you can prevent situations like these.
  • Outsourcing your IT security tasks to a trustworthy and experienced partner will save you costs and make sure you get the best service available.


Comprehensive IT Security Services with certified quality

25 years of experience in all things ITSM with hundreds of satisfied customers and thousands of successfully effected IT projects are a good reason to partner up with us. Our experienced and certified IT technicians constantly strive to stay on top of new developments in information technology and IT security.

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