IT Service Continuity

Cyber-attacks are a growing threat for businesses worldwide. If a company is hit by such a disastrous event, the financial losses can be drastic. However, the affected company’s reputation is also at stake. As part of the business continuity management, IT service continuity is designed to ensure that even if disaster strikes, you will be able to keep up at least the most business-critical IT services as defined in the agreed service levels. IT service continuity management (ITSCM) is an ITIL process that for managing risks that could seriously impact your IT services and damage your business.

With IT service continuity strategies in place, major incidents pose less threats to your business.

How IT service continuity management works

IT service continuity management involves much planning and developing of strategies. Communicating these plans and making sure everyone involved has a clear understanding of the steps to be taken in case of a disaster event is highly critical as well. We have outlined the various processes that lead to a successful IT service continuity below.

Determining the most critical IT services

The first step in achieving IT service continuity, is sitting down with our client, and determining which IT services are crucial to keep their business running. We then analyze those service and produce a guideline for disaster recovery invocation. This document is meant to provide detailed instructions on the steps to be taken in case of an IT disaster.

Designing an IT service continuity plan

Next, our ITSCM team designs an IT service continuity plan. This strategic document describes in detail how continuity is going to be ensured for the various IT services in case of a specific disaster event. As ensuring business continuity is not only a goal that needs to be tackled when an actual disaster hit, the plan also includes detailed information on measures to be taken to make IT services more resilient.

Planning for disaster with an IT service continuity strategy

To plan for the actual disasters, our IT experts devise an IT service continuity strategy paper, outlining how keeping up the vital services of our client in case of disaster events will be tackled. Its key feature is a list with all vital business functions and which steps can be applied to reduce risks or recover the services in case of disruption. The strategy paper usually also holds more detailed plans developed for specific events and services.

Recovery plans

Details on how specific services and / or will be restored after an emergency is part of our recovery plans. These are created by our IT service continuity management team and hold detailed instructions for getting the systems back to a working state.

Preparedness and resilience for best IT service continuity results

Preparedness and resilience are big issues when it comes to IT service continuity, which is why we also create IT service continuity reports at regular intervals. These provide information about the processes set in place in case disaster strikes, and ways to prevent those disruptive events. It is important to not only keep our own ITSCM team up-to-date and alert about the procedures for fighting disasters, but also our costumes’ staff. After all prevention of negative impact events is the best way to ensure IT service continuity.

Testing, testing, testing

Testing is also part of the IT service continuity management. When disaster strikes there is no time or experimenting – you want to be sure that the measures taken will be successful. That requires extensive testing and assessing planned activities.

Comprehensive IT service continuity management

25 years of experience in all things ITSM with hundreds of satisfied customers and thousands of successfully effected IT projects are a good reason to partner up with us. Our experienced and highly qualified IT technicians constantly strive to stay on top of new developments in information technology and newly found security risks for IT infrastructures.

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