Looking for IT support? We have the proper solution for you.

Concentrate yourself on your core work and do not waste any time thinking about your servers, PC’s, computers etc. Just let us execute the ‚IT stuff‘ for you! Our package contains many software and hardware components as well as consulting and maintenance. You will be supported in different areas for example ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Data analysis, ICT (information Communication Technology), Data security, and so on. Due to multiple tests with our IT services which are always dynamic and need-oriented we can offer you the best support.

How can you make profit of Information technology help?

  • lower your costs: You do not have to think about unexpected spendings in IT departments. We will take that part and plan your investment.
  • Ensure your data: We will assure that your enterprise is safe and your information and data are in right hands. Our firm has certain concepts to maintain your company’s safety. In a generation where data and digitalization play a big role in our everyday’s life, insurance is important. Due to daily backups with our local servers your system will be more ensured than ever before.
  • individuality: You will be delivered by individual offers which are tailored to your business establishment. Our goal is to carve out a program which fits to your overall company concept and consider your thoughts, too.
  • control / maintenance: That is the most important point. An IT support can’t be a good service if its implementation is not correctly controlled. When you choose our establishment you will receive something special in this branch: Every quarter we will maintain our implemented software and hardware components. Furthermore, employees can contact us at any time and completely free.

What is our concept?

All IT services are perfectly co-ordinated. This is important to build a system in which all components are working together to perform the best result.

Our motto: The greater the service, the more satisfied the customer.

The simplest way to start is to analyze accurately the current IT-situation of your company. Moreover, it is essential to have a personal conversation with you and your employees in which we can define your topical problems and goals together.
Secondly, we will illustrate a brief concept which is tailored to your firm. This initial proposal – and for sure the first conversation – is completely free. We also want to know you, your employees and your business establishment.
When you choose us as your future service provider, we will carve out an individual offer with all the IT support included. This offer will be coordinated with your core business objectives which is important to achieve the best performance in your company. In addition, it will be affected by your desires, employees and the overall complexity. We will have than -again- a meeting to conclude the contract.


How good is an introduced system when it is not maintained well? Right, not a bit. Due to the various complexity of information technology it is essential to keep an eye on maintenance. Our approach: daily backup of your whole data and a quarter-maintenance in form of a target-performance comparison of the implemented service. This manner of care is really different compared to our competitors in which the customer has to contact the firm when there are defects. Often this is too late and could be very expensive for you! Not with our concept: Your systems will be automatically ensured and be in communication with our servers and information systems. This is a huge advantage in keeping the system nearly detect less. To sum up, your IT system will remain clean and your longterm costs will stay low.


In our opinion contact with each other is a very crucial point due to importance and opportunities of IT-systems. Besides our maintenance you can always contact us whenever you want. We have motivated and talented employees in our rows for whose it will be a pleasure to help you with questions. So, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

For further information you can download our PDF file where our package is described in detail.

Contact us

Contact us if you are interested in our solutions. One of our employees will evaluate your ideas and provide first consulting. After that, we will send you an offer that is optimized for your specific needs.

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