IT Service Support Based on ITIL

Unexpected or prolonged downtimes of a business’s IT infrastructure can run up horrendous losses in money and reputation. A proactive IT service support is often able to prevent worst-case scenarios. Keeping your IT service up and running smoothly is the declared goal of our experienced IT service support team. To keep downtimes at the lowest possible rate, handle incidents or change requests fast and with little as disruption as possible, we will provide you with state-of-the-art IT services based on ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) standards.

IT services our certified IT technicians can provide support for include:

  • IT infrastructure (consulting, procurement, maintenance, …)
  • Software (licensing, updating, patching, …)
  • Networks (consulting, security, setup, maintenance, …)
  • Data storage (consulting, dimensioning, procurement, …)
  • Data synchronization
  • Data analytics
  • Content management systems
  • Workflow management
  • Monitoring
  • Security solutions (malware protection, firewalls, authentication, …)
  • Enterprise search
  • Communications tools (stationary and mobile)
  • Business Automation
  • Workspaces
  • Etc.

IT Service Support for Your Business

Our technicians deliver the following support services based on ITIL standards to keep your IT services up and running:

Fast Reaction Times with Service Desk and Incident Management

Our service desk team provides fast help in case one of your IT services is malfunctioning or down. They manage all IT related incidents and service requests of your employees. A ticketing system and telephone hotline make sure all your employees get fast and reliable support for all their IT related service requests – no matter if it’s a dysfunctional printer or a malware infection. A clear incident management plan makes the restoring of IT services in case of incidents like outages a breeze.

Proactive Incident Management

The experience of our IT technicians enables them to work proactively. They analyze trends in the usage of your IT services. In combination with their knowledge of past incidents they can often resolve problems before an actual outage or incident occurs.

Change Management to Keep Disruptions in Day-to-Day Business Low

Our IT service support team makes sure all changes to your IT infrastructure are authorized and well documented. Our project managers will carefully plan and outline any changes to your systems – whether they involve hardware or software – thus keeping downtimes and disruptions in your daily business as low as possible.

Configuration Management for Reliable IT Services

An often overlooked but important task of our IT Service support includes keeping a detailed documentation of all configuration processes – whether it’s the initial setup or following changes and updates.

Service Level Agreements (SLA) for Your IT Service Support

From small start-ups with only basic support needs to large international corporation with extended IT service support needs – our highly experienced team is here to help you. Tailor-made, scalable contracts – from well-staffed 24/7 IT service support to contracts with only basic support services and longer reaction times – we provide you with the best value for your business needs regarding IT services.

Benefits of High-Level IT Service Support for Your Business

Productivity Increase Through Fast IT Support

Our service desk delivers fast response and proactive planning for possible faults or incidents. This will significantly reduce and shorten downtimes of IT services in your business.

Higher Efficiency Through Service Desk

Your employees can make more efficient use of their work time with our excellent and fast support for all their IT-related needs. They have one partner to address in case of any problem with one of your IT services. Dedicated ticketing systems, telephone hotlines, or even support personal on your premises make reaching out easy.

Lower IT Costs with Professional IT Service Support

Cut your IT costs significantly with our proactive incident management and change management services. This way you can save funds on IT infrastructure procurement by getting replacement parts when prices are low instead of having to pay just about any price in case catastrophe hits. Planning downtimes carefully will lower your it costs through decreasing salary costs and idle time. Our technicians will provide the needed support at the least busy times for your business.

Contact us and let us know about your IT service support needs. We will promptly send you a tailor-made offer fit to your business needs. High value IT service support for the lowest possible costs is our hallmark. Take our work for it.

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