IT service support

IT Service Desk provides a single point of contact between users and a 1st-level service provider (SLA) for all IT service problems and outages. Information is communicated both by regular service desk calls and via e-mail when a service issue is identified and immediate remediation is required.
Our service desk staff are trained to a high standard and spend a significant amount of time immersed in the ITIL process.

We effectively manage the communication between your users and our IT department while simultaneously supporting the ITIL process along with the customer. IT Service Desk staff and teams are expected to work in concert with your users and the ITIL process teams to address service requests as quickly as possible. If the service requests are not resolved within the agreed timeframe, then service desk staff initiate an ITIL related incident and subsequent service request process. Our IT Service Desk staff follow established ITIL processes for resolving incidents and for reporting incidents. ITIL processes for resolving incidents include initiating an ITIL incident management document (ITIM), creating a Problem Management Matrix, and relying on a Help desk ticketing system.

ITIL provides guidance for us, and a quality assurance for you on how to configure our Service Desk so that it can work together with other ITSM processes in the service management. In particular, the Service Desk provides guidance on handling our Service Desk to work with other service management applications, such as Change Management.

Our ITIL Incident Management process can also be complemented by other ITSM processes, such as Incident Management & Change Management (IM & CM) and Capacity, Availability, and Quality Management (Q&A). IM and CM processes assess the health of an organization and make recommendations regarding possible changes or expansions. Q&A processes verify information provided and make suggestions as to how the information can be further improved.

How our IT service support managers work for you

“ITIL processes for reporting incidents include creating an Incident Management Matrix (IMM), obtaining Customer Impact Mapping data, and initiating a Help desk ticketing system.”

ITIL Incident Management documents are considered the gold standard for incident management in the ITIL process. IIM documents are often used by us when managing large-scale outages or major incidents that threaten the availability of services for a significant period of time. They contain important incident management information for easy access by IT service desk analysts, service desk staff, and more.

Service Desk documentation is another important part of Incident Management in the ITIL process. IMM documents are often used when managing small-scale outages or outages that are related to a single IT service. They contain information about the status of individual services, such as when a service is experiencing an issue.

ITSM documents are often supplemented by Case Management support tickets (CM tickets) issued by the ITIL service desk. CM tickets are used when a problem is identified but not resolved immediately. CM tickets are often resolved within 24 hours of an incident being reported. CM tickets are usually in the form of single-spaced obituaries, often with rather vague descriptions of the service. They are issued in various languages, including English, and German.

ITSM documents are often supplemented by Case Management service desk reports (routine service requests) issued by our service desk. Routine service requests are issues that are expected to persist for a long time. However, as your IT provider, we do have the technical capabilities to resolve the issue(s) immediately. The most common issues that are related to service desk support are breakdowns in service delivery, which are outages that affect many businesses.

Our ITIL service desk personnel

Our ITIL service desk personnel are responsible for day-to-day service requests and incidents, and they are usually involved in the Incident Management phase of the ITSM process. The primary goal of the ITIL service desk is to establish an Incident Management Matrix (IMM) and to facilitate the sharing of information between service desk analysts and our IT executives. The primary responsibility of the service desk is to establish a Service Request Document (SRD) that describes the services that are currently being provided and to provide Incident Management support for the lifecycle of the SRD. The service desk also has responsibilities for disseminating the SRD to the users.

The ITIL service desk operates as a single point of contact between the IT and the business for all incident reports, service requests, change requests, and any other necessary communications. IT service desk communications are managed in concert with the other IT functions.

Our Service Desk Managers

The ITIL service desk is responsible for initial communication with the user and for the day-to-day service requests. The service desk handles these tasks in concert with the ITIL Maintainer Team. The service desk communicates daily with ITSM Maintainer Teams responsible for delivering services as well as other IT service management functions. Our service desk understands the customers‘ needs and acts appropriately.

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