In a world where digitalization is moving faster than ever before and where the need for innovation is big running a successful business is highly depending on the ability to find the right people to deliver professional IT solutions.

We state that just delivering code is not enough to deliver a fully working software solution. That’s why we offer a full around service that starts with the idea and concept of the product and ends with an optimized coded software. Our teams will help you to define a product vision, assist you to make the best functional and technical choices and eventually build, and produce within budget.

What do we offer?

  • Results-driven products, that should not only work technically, also functionally.
  • A team full of experts coming from different technical backgrounds.
  • Limitless feedback loops – Our goal is a satisfied client
  • 24/7 customer service, in case there are questions to ask.

Why we are better than others?

We do not provide a technology strategy, but technology that makes your business strategy function. Our service is not focusing on the product itself, we rather define the business strategy behind it.

Who are the people who will take care of you?

The key of our team is their lifelong experience and expertise in a wide range of business areas, as well as in technology and software development. We are capeable to combine all these skills into one to get your product all around covered..

Where to start?

Even if you already have a programmed software product we are always ready to join the journey. We adjust the current model, getting your programme delivery back on track or optimize the already working product to the fullest.

Delivery and Communication?

We deliver on point. The most important thing in a collaboration is trust. We set our deadlines realistic so there is a fixed time plan. In order for that we are using easy to use and innovative managment tools so you can check any time at what current status the product is.

Our communication depends of you: Wheter you prefer chatting or rather personalized conversation, we are prepare for both. In every feature you will get two personal assistants so that you can reach us 24/7 in case of problems.

Are we on track?

Our company works always with the solutions from tomorrow. Weekly we are getting educated by professionals to deliver you to best technology solutions.

What about our clients?

On our website below you can find out who were and are our clients. After a finished project we take our time to evaluate our work. We believe that you can only learn from mistakes so thats why we open our ears to hear all your critic points to improve our work for the next time.

Our company offers a wide range of software products and different features:
AI – Artificial intelligence is the key to extract and understand data. We are riding on the top in our niche to implement your customized AI product.

Big Data Analytics – includingly we are offering to do full analytics of your big data.

Server – We have 100% secure web servers which are provided based on variable monthly costs. Operating with renewable energy we also try to do our impact for the future of the planet.

Cloud systems – store anywhere and anytime. It is over to be dependent on one computer, start to have your data available at any time on all of your devices. Fully protected by our security team.

We are your digital partner, who creates solutions that really add value to your company. Furthermore we develop functional and technical roadmaps and design your first prototype to get your first product vision.

In order, to contact us use the message field below. We are also glad to invite you for a call to listen personally to your request!

Contact us

Contact us if you are interested in our solutions. One of our employees will evaluate your ideas and provide first consulting. After that, we will send you an offer that is optimized for your specific needs.

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We are a strong international company – to bring the best IT solutions to you. We provide an outstanding full service in the areas of IT, ITSM, software development and web development for our customers.


As full service provider and sustainable company, we provide top solutions for maintenance, consulting, networks, Exchange, Linux- & Windows servers, and more.

Software development

State-of-the-Art software development from Vienna: we work on your ideal individual solutions in software, mobile apps, interface- and database development.

Web development

We rethought web development: we offer intranets & extranets, websites, e-commerce platforms, online calculators, newsletter systems and provide classical services like SEO, SEM, and more.

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