We assist senior management in the development of corporate, business and functional IT strategies, adjusting the methodology to the needs of each company or institution. Our focus is on developing and implementing models that enable the application of best practices in the art of governing companies.
We design models that will sustain the new strategies of companies or institutions and implement them. We evaluate the convenience of businesses that evaluate companies from multiple perspectives that exceed the strategic and economic aspects.
We have the ability to create synergies between the Business Strategy and the IT Strategy. We support the development of IT management processes to evolve in accordance with the requirements of the IT Strategy and gradually incorporate the advantages of new technologies and international regulatory frameworks. We accompany the implementation of changes and technology from planning and support to project management and integral management of the IT Project Portfolio.


Strategic Planning / Forecasting

We use this strategic planning model to define a corporate, business or functional strategy, with a time frame of between 3 and 10 years.

Strategic foresight

We use this strategic planning model for very long-term planning, with a time horizon exceeding 10 years. It is particularly useful in the design of industrial sectors, whether as a public or private planning exercise.

Geographical foresight

The application of strategic foresight methodologies applied to regions in order to promote their development.

Design of organizational models

Strategic planning exercises often lead to the transformation of the organization from the existing pattern to a new one. We design organizational models that are capable of sustaining the new strategy.

Restructuring and organizational change

Actions aimed at transforming the productive structure of the company by modifying the participation of production factors and addressing issues such as fixed cost structure, organization model, outsourcing of activities, relocation of facilities, implementation of new technologies, etc.

Design of Corporate Governance Models

Design of governance models that establish the set of principles and rules that will regulate the integration and operation of the company’s governing bodies.

Redesign and improvement of processes

The redesign of processes aims to improve the degree of competitiveness through process optimization techniques.


We contribute to the management of information technology from strategic planning to the effective implementation of optimized management processes.

IT Strategy

Our added value in the field of IT Strategy comes from our ability to synthesize business knowledge, best practices, mastery of information technology and application of consistent methodologies.

Digital Transformation

It aims to integrate digital technology into all areas of a company, fundamentally changing the way it operates and delivers value to its customers, and focusing on them. It implies a cultural change and a constant challenge to the status quo. It may involve the re-elaboration of products, processes, assets and strategies within the organization and/or a radical transformation of the business model and its culture…

IT governance & Management

We develop and implement IT Governance Models, based on our knowledge of the main international reference frameworks, thus contributing to your IT organization responding in a balanced way to the dynamics of the Business.

IT Project Portfolio Management

We assist in the management of the IT Project Portfolio, while promoting the effective incorporation of best practices in project management in the work team of our clients.


Development of High Performance Teams

This service offers the development of generic managerial competences applied to Managerial or Executive Teams. The development of these competences is based on the ontological coaching approach, enables a better performance of teams that develop conversational, emotional and even bodily skills for interaction in tasks of high shared responsibility.

Applying them to strategic planning, restructuring and change management

During the processes of strategic planning, restructuring and change management, management teams find themselves immersed in complex, abstract conversational environments and manage multiple variables that require high consensus. Our services facilitate the sustainability of these processes.

Coaching for senior management and executives

We provide transpersonal coaching services for senior management and company executives. This coaching is more oriented to cooperation than to solve concrete conflicts, to explore the linguistic and emotional situation. The strategic IT decisions should be made in an environment of consensus and open discussion.

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