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We realize that it can be difficult to focus on your core competencies, when more and more IT tasks are coming into your way. In fact, many companies today have to deal with more IT tasks than ever before – from an adequate IT infrastructure, over daily support and maintenance tasks. The high expertise needed, in order to fulfill these IT support tasks can be overwhelming for many employees, which might not have grown up with todays technology as their daily compagnon. Here an IT support business can come in handy and is in most cases a valuable business partner, in order to drive your company’s success.

As a result, we want to help you by conducting a huge number of IT support tasks for your business. The process of our service usually works in the following way:

First, our IT support business will analyze the current situation within your company – which IT infrastructure is used, which technologies are used and what are problems in the current IT system.

Next, our IT support business will work out requirements and rooms for improvement together with your company’s representatives. We are convinced that there is always room for improvement and cutting-edge technologies, such as the cloud technology can be used in order to bring advantages to the users within your company.

Afterwards, we take care of setting up the new IT infrastructure as smooth as possible, in order to minimize server downtime and increase your user experience. As a result, we mainly work at night in order to prevent any inconvenience for your employees and we use a systematic approach were we exchange the IT infrastructure step-by-step, so that the risk of any errors and data losses can be minimized.

However, our most important service is the ongoing IT support, which our business provides you.
Our main advantage over competition is our presence in Austria, in the center of Europe – this allows us to offer our customers from Central and Eastern Europe on-site support in case of any emergency. This makes our IT support business stand out in terms of speed of our solutions. By assessing the problem on-site, our experts are able to gain a better overview over your company’s IT error and eliminate the problem in no time.

Furthermore, we offer 24/7 online IT support for your business, allowing your employees to call or chat with one of our IT experts within seconds at no matter at which time they are working or in which time zone they are operating in. We will then assess the problem with our professional off-site help desk team and work on a solution, in order to keep off-times or errors as low as possible.

We acknowledge that it is extremely important for managers and your in-house IT department to see the performance of your IT infrastructure, as a result our IT support business has developed a dashboard which monitors your IT services performance and shows you some quick tips in order to enhance this performance even further. This dashboard will be customized by our experts to your needs, in order to show you the most important charts and stats right away. Additionally, we provide the management board with a monthly report of the most important statistics and an overview over the IT support tasks we have accomplished within the month.

In order to prevent the worst from happening, we also provide our clients with back-up plans, were we securely store their data on our servers, which of course are GDPR compliant and we also support your company with disaster recovery services – preparing for the worst case scenario, while establishing a best practice IT infrastructure.

Our IT support business offers you with the support you need, in order to establish a successful company in the twentyfirst century. No matter whether you operate a SME or a globally operating corporate, we have the right services for your company in our portfolio. If you are interested in a free first IT infrastructure check, please leave your contact details below and we will get back to you within twentyfour hours for a free appointment, were we can discuss possible steps into a brighter, and more reliable in terms of IT performance, future!

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