IT-Outsourcing can be very beneficial not only for big companies but also for small businesses. Although the IT support costs for small businesses seem high at first sight, the benefits and support you get from IT experts are unique. We are an IT support company which can provide you easy IT solutions. Our experts have years of experience and know-how and can help you to be as efficient and successful as possible with your small business.

Nowadays IT support and know-how gets more and more important and almost every business is confronted with it. Also a small business has at least a website and a lot of digital working equipment. If there are also networks, servers and sensitive data included the know-how of your employees is mostly insufficient.

What are the benefits of outsourcing? Your data, software and hardware will be easily secured and every employee will get an individual assistance and the support they need. We provide a successful collaboration tailored to small businesses needs. For us it is essential that the customer decides which and to what extent support is needed. We offer technical support for devices, securely storing data, monitoring devices for security threats, maintaining servers, implementing new software and educating employees to use it. Our IT experts have years of experience and can provide you with the know-how. With our services small businesses will be actively incorporated so they can learn how certain processes work and they will also learn how to improve their personal IT skills. Our team will help you to improve the efficiency of your company since IT-outsourcing definitely saves money in the long-term and also a lot of time which is needed elsewhere in your business.

Our team doesn’t have a headquarter. In the EU we have employees which will assist you with your small business. Firstly, we will make an appointment where one of our employees visits your company and gets to know all your processes and facilities. Secondly he/she will come up with an individual offer tailored to the company’s and employee’s needs. We are providing a 24/7 support so you will be able to get the IT support you need. Once everything is setup we will provide you with a IT support hotline where you can reach our IT experts any time. If there is a problem which can’t be solved over the phone or the devices, which is on rare occasions, we will send you an employee to help you on the spot.

So what are the IT support costs for small businesses? Generally speaking: Every small business needs a different support and has individual requirements. So determining the monthly IT service costs can be a little bit more tricky. To get an overview which costs might appear it is important to keep certain things in mind. The number of devices, so laptops, mobile phones and tablets, play an important role since it requires more time to maintain 200 devices than 2. Moreover the number of servers and the amount of data to be stored are also important factors to be considered.

On average the IT support costs for small businesses are low with us. Depending on how much data you want to be stored and secured there will occur some extra costs. With our years of experience we know that a small business needs around 24h of IT support per year per employee. So on average an employee needs around 2h of IT support per month. With outsourcing a lot time can be saved which is definitely needed elsewhere in a small business.

We provide you with a unique IT solution. Since most of the other IT support companies charge you per hour, we calculate a fixed price per year after evaluating the average support for your business. Also if unexpected IT support costs will occur, we will stay with the fixed rate we offered you beforehand. Thereby you will know exactly which budget you have for IT support costs in a small business. You easily pay in advance and don’t have to think about IT costs during the year.

Call us today for an offer without engagement and hopefully we will soon help you with your IT sector so you can focus on your work as efficient as possible.

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