IT support costs for small business

These could range from a very low to a considerable amount per month, depending on the size of the business. In comparison, in a large corporate, the monthly costs could range to an even higher amount of money.

Small business IT support costs and geographical locations

Costs could also vary considerably across geographical locations. In some cases, the monthly costs may be less than the average, while in others, the monthly costs can top considerable numbers and beyond.

Small business IT support costs and other factors

Costs also depend on a number of other factors, including the age of your computer network, the number of employees you have and the needs of each business.

It is worth checking these costs with your IT support provider beforehand to ensure you receive the support you need for your business. Small business IT support costs could also be significantly more expensive than this information suggests, due to the fact that IT experts of other companies who you choose to rely on, to support your computer network, will also be charging exorbitant monthly fees for their time. In some cases, your computer network may even be locked down for several weeks at a time. Thus, it is better to rely on our smart and transparent IT support contracts.

Small business IT support costs for you

As a reliable IT support provider, we offer much better deals than others, and it is worth checking this beforehand to ensure you receive the support you need.

Small business IT support costs should sometimes be considered on an as-needed basis, and at other times as a monthly service. That is, whenever possible, you should contact us as your IT support provider to see what support is available. Be sure to check this before committing to any form of payment.

Another option is to purchase blocks of time in advance of when you need them, rather than purchasing months in advance. This is typically more expensive per hour than buying months in advance, but it allows you to plan ahead. So you know how much time your supplier needs to spend giving you the support you need.
There are possibly also monthly IT support costs associated with this kind of support, such as:

  • Monitoring servers and desktops to prevent downtime issues from occurring
  • Managing devices that connect to your business network to prevent data breaches
  • Reducing IT downtime by preventing downtime in the first place

Of course, none of these options are cheap, and they all involve some degree of risk. Fortunately, they all have advantages and disadvantages, and they are relatively safe.

What about hiring a full-time IT person?

Many small business owners are currently without an employed IT person to support them, and this is a good idea:

  • Firstly, because of the nature of the part-time IT role, there is usually little choice but to hire a company to help with IT support.
  • Secondly, because many small business owners do not have the funds to hire a full time IT person, but rather wait for funding issues to arise.
  • Also, often employees are not as skilled as they could be.
  • Finally, because many small business owners do not have the resources to offer full time support, they often resort to cutting corners to save money.

This can have extremely negative effects on your business. Imagine your computer network is completely broken and you need help fixing it. Most IT support providers will not give you a free ride because of this, and if they did, you would be ripped off. The real problem with this is that most of these companies are not offering any sort of guaranteed service, and once again, this is a huge mistake. However, at Iphos, we provide transparent and modular service packages that let your company thrive.

What about hiring Iphos?

A lot of small business owners hire us to help them with their computer network security.
As a company, we offer great service, and our techs are very skilled.
However, if your computer network isn’t broken, and/or you work in an area where the IT infrastructure isn’t as good as it should be, our modular packages can be even better. There are many good companies that connect to this idea. However, the Iphos IT network is unrivaled in providing transparent service to thousands of businesses.
Because of this, we, as an IT service company that offers „break/fix“ services will help your business expand beyond any boundaries.

This can be a great option if:

  • You own a small business
  • You don’t want to depend too much on your technology
  • You don’t want to support your own IT employees when mostly not needed
  • You have a lot of IT expenses for your company
  • You need high reliability, especially if your entire team is working in shifts

At the end of the day, most small business companies cannot afford to lose money on their IT services, so other IT service providers typically charge whatever they want.

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