The ITIL acronym refers to the „IT Infrastructure Library“ or ITIL. ITIL is a suite of process frameworks and service management best practices developed by several companies. The ITIL process templates provide guidance for implementing ITIL within an organization. They were developed as a set of guideposts for IT organizations planning to implement ITIL within their own organizations. ITIL is a registered trademark of several companies and is used, for example, to implement new service management processes. ITIL is also used by our colleagues and engineers at Iphos to design, implement and test new processes and procedures.
Organizations that wish to implement ITIL within their organizations, but do wish to comply with the ISO 20000 process framework, may choose to follow the ITIL process framework. ISO 20000 is a process framework that describes the steps an organization should take to implement a standard. ITIL processes are aligned with ISO 20000.
People refer to ITIL under various names: ITIL, – the ITIL process, ITIL – the service management system, and ITIL – the „IT Infrastructure Library“ (ITIL).

ITSM and ITIL Processes: What’s the difference?

ITIL has several processes, each of them having a specific role in the ITIL strategy. The most basic role of each of these is implementation. Implementation of ITIL processes is carried out by ITSM (IT Service Management) departments. Organizations that wish to implement ITIL must meet certain requirements. These requirements may be met if the organization follows a prescribed process for

  • designing and developing services
  • incorporating ITIL into its own ITSM processes
  • designing better incident management (IM) using ITIL process templates
  • deploying ITIL processes for ITSM processes in IT service management
  • integrating ITIL best practices in IT service management
  • improving the service lifecycle using ITIL and ITIL process templates
  • fostering better change management using ITIL
  • following the ITIL process templates (complying with process templates found in ISO 20000)
  • etc.

See also: ITIL processes for guidance on how to implement ITIL effectively within an organization.

IT service management and ITSM functions

As with any ITSM strategy, the implementation of ITSM must meet certain goals and objectives. ITSM functions include and ITSM departments aim to:

  • Implementing IT service management;
  • Promoting continual improvement;
  • Fostering change management;
  • Designing new services (DSNs) for the organization;
  • Incorporating new concepts using ITIL (sometimes called „ITIL 3.0“ or „ITIL 3.0“) into existing processes;
  • Incorporating new technologies using ITIL into existing processes;
  • Applying new ITIL concepts (sometimes called „ITIL 4.0“ or „ITIL 4.0“);
  • and changing processes to meet changing needs;

Other ITSM roles include change management (e.g. developing new IT initiatives for the organization), and incident management for the organization. Further ITSM roles include the implementation of change management for the organization, such as setting new dates and times for scheduling annual IT meetings and providing uptime for other departments and employees.

ITIL Processes

ITIL process templates and ITIL are used by us to comply with ISO 20000 and improve the process of IT product and systems management. ITIL and ITIL process templates are also used by other firms among our group of companies.

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