Server Maintenance

Servers are the backbone of IT infrastructures. Whether as file servers, mail servers, webservers, database servers, terminal servers for remote access, application servers, or data storage – every IT infrastructure relies on well-functioning servers. A server crash can lead to the loss of your valuable data or unexpected downtimes, often at considerable costs for a business. Proper server maintenance is therefore crucial for keeping your IT systems running smoothly.

With our expert IT server maintenance for both Microsoft and Linux servers we will keep your systems running and prevent costly downtimes.

What is server maintenance?

Server maintenance is the process of keeping the server software updated and the hardware in good shape. Our highly experienced IT technicians will work out a server maintenance plan for your server infrastructure. They will work with a set of checklists to perform all necessary maintenance tasks in a timely fashion.

Constant monitoring of the server functions and performance is an integral part of the daily server maintenance routine. First signs of hardware failure, software problems, or security issues will show in the monitoring protocols. Our technicians can then solve potential problems before they affect the customers IT services and cause unexpected downtimes.
Another crucial part in server maintenance are updating and patching tasks. Our technicians will install new updates and patches as soon as possible to close possible backdoors for attacks on your servers, or unnecessary premature wear of the server hardware due to faulty software.

Regular server backups should be included in any server maintenance plan as well. With frequent backups you can keep data loss and downtimes in case of a server crash or physical damage to your servers at a minimum. Both are critical for today’s businesses.

Server maintenance ideally also includes preemptive measures. Planned downtimes for updates or hardware upgrades reduce unexpected failures that can lead to costly outages at inconvenient times.

At regular intervals, our IT technicians will also conduct physical maintenance tasks like cleaning the server hardware, checking for possible wears in the process.

Maintaining server security

As servers usually are accessed from various sources within the company, as well as from outside – like for example webservers, our administrator will have a strong focus on security issues. The configuration of anti-malware solutions as well as firewalls to protect your server infrastructure are a key factor in maintaining server security. Servers are at high risk of attacks, as hackers try to exploit newly found software, but also hardware, vulnerabilities. Timely patch management and updating as part of the server maintenance routine will keep those backdoors shut.

Having a solid backup strategy in place helps if the security systems in place have failed, for example because of the exploitation of a zero-day vulnerability. Those are faults in hard- or software that have previously not been discovered. With a proper disaster recovery strategy and regular backups you, our technician will be able to get your systems up and running again in no time.

24/7 IT Server Maintenance Plans

Depending on your organisations needs, we can offer tailor-made IT server maintenance plans. If high availability is an issue for your business, we can offer 24/7 server monitoring and maintenance. In case of problems, our certified technicians will first resolve them via remote access if possible. If the need arises, they will fix the server problem on site. In any case, our 24/7 IT server maintenance plan is laid out to keep your IT services running with vitually zero downtimes.

Comprehensive server maintenance

25 years of experience in all things ITSM with hundreds of satisfied customers and thousands of successfully effected IT projects are a good reason to partner up with us. Our experienced and highly qualified IT technicians constantly strive to stay on top of new developments in information technology. Both, Microsoft and Linux server are in good hands with our ITSM team. You can rely on that.

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