What is a server?

A server is a computer program or a computer device that is able to provide a service to its clients. You can imagine that you need a lot of fast servers/ computers to run a website with a lot of traffic. If a lot of people come to a website at the same time the servers are needed to provide the service to the visitors of the website. As a result, the more traffic you have, the more servers you need. Experts think that companies like Amazon or Microsoft own about 50.000 servers to run their business.

What is Server maintenance?

Server maintenance means the service of a server. It means to keep the servers up to date. If you maintain your servers your services will be much smoother and faster. In the end your website speed will improve rapidly. As a result you will have a lot of benefits and your servers will last much longer than without a maintenance. You could also compare a server maintenance with a yearly service on a car or a routine check on your health – the car may also run without doing the service but it will definitely run longer if you let the mechanics check it once a year!

What has to be done in a server maintenance?

Maintaining a server is the process to keep your server updated. On the one hand you have to do virtual services. On the other hand you have to do physical maintenance to keep your servers fit. Virtual means everything around software – so regularly check if the current software of your servers is up to date. If it is not, go and update them! Physical means that you have to regularly clean your servers from dust and check if they are still running well. If they are not in a good shape you have to replace some components like the motherboard of the chip. Beside the condition of your servers you should always check the condition of your air conditioning that also has to get maintained by a specialist because your servers prefer cold air. If your air conditioning is falling out for a few hours your servers may overheat, so never forget to maintain it!


Why is it so important to maintain your servers?

So, we already learned how you could actually maintain your servers, but why is that so important? Many people think that they could save the money of a server maintenance and just buy a new server if one is failing. The problem is that all these servers are actually saving a lot of information that could get lost if something goes wrong. Additionally the maintenance of a server only costs a fraction compared to the price of a brand new server.

How to start with a server maintenance?

We think that every company that owns servers should create a so called „service plan“ immediately after the purchase. This way the company is able to regularly maintain its servers without maintenance jams, because they could be very expensive as already mentioned! This service plan should show the date of the last service of the software and hardware components.

Advantages of a maintained server:

If your servers had a fresh server maintenance they will have lot more power. As a result your websites loading time gets much better. If the loading time of your website is faster you will have some positive side effects. One advantage is that you will not have any failures because of too many traffic if your servers are more powerful and faster.

To sum up, a regular maintenance on your servers will bring you a lot of advantages and only costs a fraction of the price of a new server. Always keep your eyes on the virtual and physical services that have to be done and your servers will have a long and powerful life. Never try to save money – who buys cheap, buys twice!

Keep your servers fit and your business will be able to deal with a lot of more traffic!


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