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Cloud Services – Cloud Computing

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So, in general Cloud computing describes the provision of IT infrastructure and IT services such as storage space, computing power or application software as a service via the Internet. The cloud services are dynamically accessed as needed and charged according to a usage-based billing model.

How does it work?

The corresponding cloud service is accessed directly via the Internet. The user logs into the system and can then use the service immediately without having to spend additional capital on computer infrastructure or software. Moreover, cloud service users can choose and pay only for specific services. Or, they can get the entire package, including infrastructure and software platforms. Many cloud-based services are also scalable, so you can upgrade, or downgrade as needed. There are cloud-based services for all types and sizes of businesses. Let’s take a look at the three most common types.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): The lowest level, also known as the Cloud Foundation. The major advantage of IaaS over conventional offerings is its scalability: cloud services can be dynamically adjusted depending on the level of use and demand. For example, storage space used can be expanded or reduced at any time.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS): One level above Infrastructure as a Service are IT services that can be used to develop and integrate application software and components. In this case, the cloud service provides a programming interface or access to a software environment in which developers create application software and offer it via cloud services.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS): Think of SaaS as a complete IT enterprise, except that everything is off-site. Here, cloud computing providers offer special application software that runs on their IT infrastructure.

WHY is it so important?

In addition to falling costs associated with the operation of IT resources – high acquisition costs are eliminated – companies are able to respond flexibly to changing market conditions because cloud solutions are very quickly scalable (performance, size, volume, etc. can be adjusted).

Processes, IT infrastructures and software can be rented as required. Companies thus de facto exchange fixed costs for variable costs. In addition to greater flexibility and agility – new IT resources are often just a click away – cloud computing also eliminates the need for IT and software maintenance, as this is handled by the third-party provider from the data center.
Another important advantage is that cloud computing makes data available anywhere in the world. Companies can therefore access their data anywhere in the world at low cost – regardless of the end device.

WHY choose US?

Our team is showing hands-on experience for over 10 years now in this field will help with advice, installations, migration, support, cloud backup solutions, and everything in between. We have been working with all kinds of sizes of organizations, from freelancers to startups to multinational companies. Together we will find the right fit for your business!
Currently we offer Cloud Services:

  • Public Cloud: The public computer cloud, all users can register directly with the cloud service provider and receive the desired services from the cloud. Billing is then usually based on products used and, for example, the amount of data or number of users. Our Team utilizes various public providers assisting you with the full implementation and migration of your services and infrastructure with ongoing management, support and monitoring.
  • Private Cloud: A cloud only for a company and a group of companies. It is actually like the internal data center, except that services or service groups or functions are billed here and usually also generated directly. A department or part of a company puts together an application or service, generates it on the private cloud and then pays for it directly. If the service is no longer required, it can also be shut down. The private cloud is what is actually new about this technology. We can manage the design process, ongoing monitoring, so you can lay back not worry about it.
  • Hybrid Cloud: A mixture of public cloud and private cloud. This is a popular choice for many organizations because they can deploy the right workload into the right environment as their computing needs change. Hybrid cloud provides greater flexibility, cost savings and more options for your IT environment whilst still maintaining control over your mission critical data. Here we will tailor a Hybrid IT environment that meets your specific needs.

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