SLA Contract for Best IT Support

Our IT maintenance and IT support contracts always include an extensive service level agreement, in short SLA. Let us look closely into what exactly is meant by Service Level Agreement and what SLAs in a contract should include.

What is meant by Service Level Agreements (SLAs)?

Any contract with an IT service provider usually contains and exact description of the services to be rendered, the agreed upon performance quality or levels of services, pricing details, project management task like reporting, handling change management, etc., as well as availability and reaction times. These are defined as Service Level Agreement or SLA.

We provide IT support & maintenance contracts with tailor-made SLAs for every business need.

Why is it important to have a SLA in you contract?

When you outsource services like IT support and / or IT maintenance to a service provider, it is important for both sides to be clear on the exact terms and conditions for the services rendered to prevent misunderstandings. SLAs make sure that you will get the service you expected, know exactly who to turn to in case of a problem or request, and what cost to expect for those services. On the other hand, the service provider also needs to plan for the resources they will need to fulfill the contract. For example, it makes a difference if your SLA requires a high availability of your IT services 24/7 or 24/5, as we have to plan for staff availability accordingly.

SLAs defined in our contracts

Our contracts therefore include the following SLAs:

  • A specific list of the services rendered with a detailed description of what services and to what extent those service will be rendered (service deliverables).
  • Are the services only provided for a certain department or branch office of a business?
  • Are there IT services that will be delivered via remote support?
  • Are there services which are explicitly excluded?
  • Which service levels are going to be provided?
  • What level availability (standard times from 8:00 to 18:00 h, night or weekend duties) and response times (standard 4 hours) will be agreed upon?
  • Provision of ticketing system and / or telephone hotline
  • Detailed information on pricing – hourly rates depending on the support level, time of day the service is provided, travel-times to the customers premises, etc.


IT Support Service Levels in our SLA contracts

  • 1st Level Support: Our helpdesk team will be your initial contact in case of an IT problem. They will gather all the necessary information, and if possible, solve the problem for you. In case more specific aid is required, they will escalate it to our 2nd level support team.
  • 2nd Level Support: Our 2nd level support team will take care of more complex IT problems your organization might encounter. First and foremost, they will try and solve the problem via remote support but will also take on support tasks on-site at your premises. Most of our SLA contracts will contain a certain amount of 2nd level support hours in a flat-rate package. However, if you rarely encounter IT problems that need this level of support, billing per hour can be agreed upon as well.
  • 3rd Level Support: Our highly trained IT experts will take over when the problem is too complex for the previous support levels. The services they provide are generally billed per hour, however, if required the SLA in your contract can include regular 3rd level support on a flat-rate level.

Why choose us for your SLA IT maintenance or support contract?

We have been in the business for 25 years. Our experienced IT technicians are experts in IT maintenance and support and constantly strive to stay on top of new IT developments. Hundreds of satisfied customers rely on our services, whether it is 1st level, 2nd level, or expert 3rd level IT support. We provide concise SLA IT contracts, fast expert support, and competitive prices.

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