IT support and services for small businesses

Our IT support and our services are specially made for small and medium-sized companies. We develop IT solutions and tools that are tailor-made for your needs and are easy to use. IT specialists are at your side when it comes to bringing your company and IT up to date. The right IT support and reliable service relieves you and your employees of a lot of work and saves you time, energy and money. We concentrate on small companies and support them in terms of IT with customer-oriented service.

Which IT services can you expect from us:

  • Electronic accounting and controlling in small businesses
  • Collection and updates of customer data
  • Creation and maintenance of the company website as well as backups
  • Office equipment and IT for small businesses
  • Electronic time recording and human resources

IT support for accounting and controlling in small businesses

We support you with e-invoicing, the creation and processing of incoming and outgoing invoices within your company. Our IT support shows you how you can easily use IT tools with our service packages and never forget an invoice again. If customer data changes or a payment is pending, the IT system informs the responsible team member and gives recommendations and instructions on how to act. IT-supported controlling is thus possible without incurring high personnel costs. Thanks to IT support and services, annual financial statements, reporting and accounting no longer have to be exhausting and time consuming. With the right IT service, errors are minimized and numbers are clearly displayed with one click.

Collection and further development of customer data in small businesses

The data of your customers and their orders collected over the years are very important to keep your customers informed and also to be kept up to date. But changes are also taking place on the side of your customers and the contacts must be stored in the IT system and constantly renewed. Our IT services for small businesses help you to always have the right contacts on file so that you can reach and inform your customers immediately. Your invoices and e-mails reach the right person and everyone in the company has access to this data in the IT system.

Creation and maintenance of the company website as well as backups of your content

Our IT support for small businesses also includes website-related services. Your company website is an important employee who presents your company around the clock. Costumers look you up on the Internet and compare offers and with the right website you can convince quickly and for lower costs. Our service provides a simple IT system with which you can design your website yourself and change and update it as required.

Office equipment and IT for small businesses

Whether in the home office or in the headquarters of your company – you and your employees need functioning IT equipment from the telephone to the TV screen in the meeting room. Our products and services include IT support in every respect. We deliver the entire IT infrastructure for you and your employees and our service is also available on weekends.

Electronic time recording and human resources in small companies

Small companies increasingly need IT support and services in the area of human resources and when it comes to electronic time recording. Vacation days, sick leave, overtime, travel time must be recorded transparently and reliably so that both sides, employer and employee, can understand how much time is actually available and can be charged to the customer. We deliver an IT system that supports you and your team and does not allow any errors. Our IT support offers a service that includes a tool to make time recording in operation as simple and regular as possible.

Last year we were able to convince many smaller companies with our IT support and provide comprehensive support. Our team consists of a total of 25 specialists who advise you and offer our services. If you need immediate IT support for your small business we are available in the following areas:

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Swiss

The right IT support and reliable service relieves you and your employees of a lot of work and saves you time, energy and money. We are happy to get in touch with you.


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